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January 07, 2011



All heavenly sweetness on a stick.... Did you change your hair?!


Can I buy Johnny instead?


I love you Johnny ! <3 :p:p

Mario lopez

hey jhonny were do i can buy your aparell?? that dickhouse shirt is awesome!!


naw... i would rather ask where can i buy such a fine speciment as urself Knoxville >:D

cool shirt btw :D


I'd rather buy KNOXVILLE!! (his shirt is awesome too)


steve-o you are cool


ball licker give me your t-shirt


How much do Knoxville cost? :D Love that sweet sugar!:D


would go gay for.....oooopps!...already am LOL>.


you are very good Johny you are the best


I already have the shirt :)


yeah the first episode starts when johnny knoxville was a humanball.

joseph lehman

i would like the shirt i like jackass it f----- funing


I would do anyting to see you guys.You rock so hard!


i would, quite honestly, buy everything in this picture. The shirt he's holding, the shirt he's wearing, his glasses, anything else he's got on, Knoxville himself, and even the wall... i love you.


hey knoxville....LETS GO SEXINNNN!


guys your awesome! keep rockin'

Justin Stamper

I'm actually wearing that shirt right now! 10 years of stupid!

anna jasso

i loveee knoxville desde monterrey N.L


Great shirt, but how do I get a Dickhouse shirt?


Goddamn you!!!
I'm Live in Ukrain)
We very LOVE Jackass)
Me name is Danil(13 year)and me Friend Danil record home program (Two Danils It is Strong):D
Me E-mal Bazzinga097@mail.ru
Merry Christmas!


Bam,Dun,Knoxville and Wee Man very cool guys!


I want to buy this shirt then eat it. To gain his power. That's how it works right? I'm pretty sure that's how this works...er, i love you.


i would like to just buy knoxville instead?!


Fucck man johnny baby your fukkin sexy<3 q:
i want that shirt ! -.-

alex ionescu

Johnny is a sexy madafaka.


Wooow Johnny u're so hot!
I woul do anything to meet u guys.
Come to London :)
Steve-O, Johnny Knoxville, Danger Ehren.... YOU ROCK!

Keep it up! :D


These are at walmart for 7.50 or so


how do u buy this shirt??? i cant find a PRICE. !!!!!


all 3 o.O
yeah, the two shirts, and knoxville...♥


can someone please tell me how u buy this shirt? where do u buy it?!

john johnson

Hey! Im tal and funny and my names is john johnson, jackass ruined highschool for me so gimme a career! Now! Ha, but seriously.... Love you guys. Even jeff.

Taobao buy

Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.

taobao mall

better late than never

Frederique Manzerolle

Omg ! your veryy Funny to watch ! I hope that this will continue! <3


i FICKING love all u guys <3




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I want that t-shirt?

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