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January 08, 2011



Scott,I love what you're doing! Can't wait to see the finished prcjeot! I have experimented with cutting in your scenes with original footage to try and get a copy ahead of time. But we really haven't seen your stuff past act 1 (previous footage). Can't wait to see what you've got in store .John.


Yes, Some newer DVD does look good in most case, but Blu-ray still has edge since it has like 5 to 10 time mores bit rate both in sound and video. TV play much better fatocr, if you don't had hdtv, blu-ray don't do anything.


Yep, one entry is enough. Mark your caelndar.In other news, it would be nice to get a regular drip of the 5.1 remixes/remasters on DVD-A/Blu-ray. Moving Pictures was very well done and a lot of fans are probably waiting for more titles. If they could reissue the catalog like the current King Crimson is being done, they could surely lock up a lot of re-sales.They only have 16 studio albums left to do (if you include the disappointing Snakes MVI). They could batch some of them out to Steven Wilson to expedite matters .One can dream!!!


The PS3 is a Blu-Ray player. Blu-Ray is its tehocnlogy. The firmware means nothing. If its a Blu-Ray player, it will play Blu-Ray movies. Firmware just adds Blu-Ray features (like surround sound formats and upconversion and such).


esp? Rons this film he m? me a hilft.DVD an r? optimal sooltiun? lev? e 480p. Some DVD players can convert up to? 1080p, but those who re? Oivent also? Extra information? Commentary, there are only interpol? Are the player he m? Me, the film is still on the DVD? an r? sooltiun and 480p high. the Bestm? sound is adjusted? ? 5.1 times or 6.1 Dolby Digital DTS.der laser is red? the int? Interior, which means a liter? wavelength Ngere? nge.DVD player k? DVD can not blu ray. Tattoos? Blu-ray? chlich disk full HD, 1080p Aufl online? sooltiun is stock? e. It is twice as high r? Solution and high DVD. disk supported soci t? respectiv?, like the sound pr? feel of 7.1 channels digital? Riquer. The new technology (DTS Master Audio so-called) and Dolby (so-called True HD) are regarded? R? Are like lossless, is it? t say its just the sound in the studio meant f? You r h? Ren. w before these new technologies? compression of digital audio signal? America jumps? a loss of some information, so is the quality? sound? Now as t? pat on the quality? t k sein.blu ray? can? both Blu-ray and DVDder based DAF? call? r blu ray is that the laser is blue, is a k? short wavelength? length, then, a lot of st? Amplifier concentrated? werden.zur given store? are num? AMERICAS disk itself m? me, there are small pits and grooves on the disk, and between a DVD and a Blu-ray, the only diff? Conference is the Pitts and the grooves are much smaller and closer together? s, more can be brought current stock?'re on the support given? are? ger.meiner opinion, if you have a t? l? HD viewfinder, there is no reason to buy a Blu Ray. but if you have a t? l? HD viewfinder, w? rde, I get a Blu Ray player and enjoy some movies on Blu Ray. some, like The Dark Knight, the f? ? L? NFTE ment, or the sun is just stunning on blu ray with the image and t Tonqualit


Blu Ray is a Sony backed high denifition disk. Blu ray can store up to 50 gb of info in one blu ray disk. DVD can only hold about 8gb. Blu Ray is in the format of 1080p which is currently the highest HD viewing on TVs. So if you have a HD TV blu ray can play any format of HD (720i/p and 1080i/p) Also, blu ray discs has un compressed audio which can output to 7.1 surround sound. So basically, blu ray is next generation of DVD with far Superior quality of video and audio than today's DVDs. But there is also another format HD-DVD which is competition with blu ray which is almost the same thing. I use blu ray because i have a PS3 but i don't have a HD TV but you can tell the difference of picture even if you don't have HD TV. The price is higher than DVD because it is a new technology. I think blu ray cost around 30 bucks each disc and the players is around 600-999. But PS3 can play blu ray and ranges from 300-500 plus games, etc.


EmilySie k? Can not play blu ray disc on a DVD player, but you k? Can play a DVD on a Blu-ray. The lettar offers up-scaling F? Comp? Skills in 1080p (the best)? Via a c? C ble HDMI to HDMI? Ble HDMI Player with TV, give my own blu ray player remaining investments when playing a blu ray disc right? R? Ffende results. Watch a v? Ritable Blu ray Disc by the fantastic, but then so is the upscaling standard is to bridge the? Cart by reduziert.Curtis


Blu-ray Disc is a storage meiudm that can contain much more information than a DVD. Like many HDTV h? Here is d? Tail / d? Have finished files vid? O and audio are much larger? It f? R HD movies. These files are too big? f? r? silent DVD, a new format there are a few ann? are entwickelt.Blu k-ray? capable of DVD or Blu-ray. DVD players, because they? LTER, k? Can only read DVDs.


Blu-ray is? About 4x the given? Are like standard DVDs Pack.Alle BR DVD, but not all BR DVD. So inetasd of thinking? them as BR vs DVD vs BR that standard DVD denken.Beide to use lasers to read the given? are. Standard uses a red laser, the laser is a? Pais as BR. A d? Laser means that the male line of the data? Es k is read? Can-d? Men and it is given over pack? Are on the m? My size? DVD S


First I purchased a BD P1400 in Feb 2008, it broke in just 3 month, just oidtuse the warranty expiration. I have to pay to fix it now. Then the BD P1500 went on sale for $199.00 so I purchased it rather then fix the 1400. Well it stopped reading discs. 2 player = two bricks. Who would think 2 different model players would have the same issues. Samsung's support was very uncompromising and unsympathetic. DON'T BUY THESE PLAYERS!

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