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January 08, 2011



I usually download illegally on net everything.. but this one i buy legally !!


I don't get why Blu-ray gets more shit then DVD I think that makes no sense


is there not going to be any audio commentary??


So what about those that have a 3d tv, will there be a release that supports active shutter glasses?


Jeanna, dvd's dont have the same capacity than Blu-ray discs so there's just not enough space for all extras!




I want every bit of sell stuff on the left... Does that make me greedy?!


ahhh Gotcha Eedd ! Thanks


sounds great! so any news on what the prices will be? also i hope the glasses are not the cheap paper ones... give us some that will last please


thank god for ps3

Gary, UK

I would love commentary again! Shame. :(


1.this is awesome.
2.kind of bummed there will be no audio commentary.
3.really bummed i have to buy a blu-ray player in order to make my collection complete.
4.again, bummed i have to buy a blu-ray player in order to my collection complete.


@Eedd, both Jackass 1 & 2 have a ton of stuff on it and it's DVD, no reason why it should change this time. but I'll probably be getting the Blu-Ray/DVD combo and yay for not always having to put on the 3D glasses!...thank goodness for PS3


Kind of stupid. Why is all the good shit on blu ray, when before all the bonus features were crammed a one disk. Jackass 3 didnt look like a blu ray must have...


I'd sell my soul to get this.


supposedly and this is what i saw on bestbuys website
Blu-ray is 39.99, price on the site is 29.99

single disc (i believe) is 24.99

not sure about the limited edition




This is disapointing. I dont have a Blu-ray player. And im a die-hard jackass fan. So i guess i gotta spend a couple hundred bucks on this movie.


That sucks...no commentary!! Probably buy it anyway, but half the fun is gone :-(


Great!! I want it so bad :)

But it sucks that here in Spain it so hard to find your DVDs and everything :(


definitely gonna buy this! (but probably after I've watched it online illegally a few times ;D)


I love Jackass... but do I love it enough to spend hundreds on a blu-ray player just so I get the additional special features? Don't see that happening.

Beasting It

Why don't you idiots have a blu-ray player yet anyway? It's fucking 2011, you can get one for under $100.

Tuva Kristin

I'm going to buy one :D
Btw, love the picture! Haha


No commentary? AND all of the good shit is on Blu-ray. My life has no purpose anymore.

Mike G.

Hey, Jackass gang... have you guys seen the infamous '1 Guy 1 Cup' video, yet? The video starts off with a guy shoving a glass jar up his ass. What happens next is unbelievably shocking. It's even more sick than the '2 Girls 1 Cup' video. Check out the video: http://www.1guy1cup.net

(Oh, and if you haven't seen the '2 Girls 1 Cup' video, then check that one out, too: http://2girls1cup.com )


Anyone from Dickhouse productions who can confirm if the release will have audio commentary or not? Really enjoyed the commentries on Jackass The Movie, Jackass Nymber Two, Wildboyz, Jackass vol.1, vol.2, and vol.3. And would love to hear these hillarious guys do a commentary on Jackass 3D as well :-)


why march??? make it january!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mario (Frenchy) L.

Hey Guys !! have your heard of this mountain in my area called
"Jackass mountain" ?

I've been hoping you guys get your fuckin ass up there. DON'T DO WHAT I'D DO.
This Jackass is mine LOLLLLLLLLLLL

Rock on boizzzz

P.S. Let me know if you come up this way. (Canadian west coast)

Mario (Frenchy) L.


THINK ! ...nicely lol


is the movie playing anywhere at any theatre in the states anymore?


now we just need to know when the jackass 3.5 dvd will be released :)


also, some of you guys are bitching about the special features on the dvd. i don't even care about the special features. i just care about the movie itself.


When is out in the UK?


omg i gots to get it ! :DD to badd i didnt really know jackass till this year x____X FML but WOOOOO ! >:D ill get the blu-ray and jackass 3 Limited Edition Two-Disc DVD

MWUAHAHAHA ! >:DDDD i wonder how much itll cost, who cares xD


Why does Blu-ray get all that extra shit? Discriminating. Aren't poor blu-ray-less people suffering enough? I'm sad now :(

Kenner Barton

"Why does blu-ray get all the extras?"

Capacity of a DVD approx. 8.7 GB
Capacity of a blu-ray minimum of about 25 GB

Maths, time for you to do the.

Adam West

NO COMMENTARY??!!!!!!! What's the point of even buying the DVD then??


WTF. I want commentary ! I loooove commentary ! :(
I seriously hope that it does indeed have commentary.
Anyway, totally buying it. I love Jackass & Everyone in it. c:

raspy pune

why dose jackass 3 Limited Edition Two-Disc DVD not have as much stuff as jackass 3 Blu-ray/DVD Combo with Digital Copy ??


ok how dumb is this: I don't have a blu-ray player so I bought the 2-disc dvd because it was advertised saying it had all the same stuff as the blu-ray version it just wasn't blu-ray. So I thought I was getting a digital copy and all those bonus features the commercial was talking about. So I am pissed and out of spite, i bought jackass 3 on itunes as well because I really wanted it on my ipod to begin with. So I ended up spending a total of $40.00 on Jackass 3 and I don't even have all those bonus features I wanted....


i bought this the day it came out at best buy for $23(blu ray.) Very dissapointed that NO COMMENTARY was included. I know it sounds nerdy but since I bought the black box set I only watch the Jackass movies and tv show with the commentary turned on. These guys are the reason they put commentaries on movies.

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I'm still waiting for a version with a commentary. What is the deal? Every other Jackass feature has had a commentary.

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What I like most is the poster..It is really amazing..nice creativity with well concept.. I don't have a blu-ray player so I bought the 2-disc dvd because it was advertised saying it had all the same stuff as the blu-ray version it just wasn't blu-ray..


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I'm just curious as to why you would buy that on Blu-ray? I'm not triyng to be a troll or anything but if the movie doesn't have any action sequences the quality of it doesn't really matter to me. I bought the Dark Knight on Blu-ray, Saving Private Ryan, Mr. Mrs Smith and a couple other ones. I'm just wondering.But no to answer your questions, there are not many differences.


due to the big sucess on toy story 3!!!! a toy story 4 could be in works they were ctiing a possible release date 2013 november, 27th but pixar is not sure if they gonna do a sequel or an entirely new story line! well we gonna just have to wait in see!!!


dorym, so just to be clear, you're suggesting we not go see Breaking Dawn in November?And i'm not sure you have your facts stgriaht on the history of Midnight Sun.I will personally support her until i'm in my grave. at which time i will be buried with my twilight books. kidding. maybe.

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