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February 01, 2011



that thing is sick! i wanna ride it... i love you.

christy olsen



Awhhh that's so sweet :D




wonderful gift, you have super friends johnny;), kisses johnny I love you! <3


i wanna ride it with Johnny :DDD

Love you a loooooot Johnny!! <3


DICK, DICK IN THE ASSS!!!!!! also.. sweet ride bro.


Just don't brake your pipi this time


Congratulations Man u deserve it

Jodi Main

you have awesome friends...We tried to see you all when you all were at yellowcreek but we couldnt find out when you all were coming. I have a 16 ye old son who idolizes all of you( not so sure I like all of that) it would make his year to meet any of you..good friends are hard to come by in this crazy world today.

Dominic Costello

ALL THAT CRAP JUST FOR A MOTORBIKE!!! soo glad i dont have friends with all the connections your friends have! respect your work like no other KNOXVILLE!! appreciate the hours of entertainment!!

Kelly S

it would have been so awesome if they had dropped a crapy bike off by helicopter and let it smash to the ground then brought in the good bike by the car :) But still this way was good too! congrats


that is a nice surpirise..is a cute bike!...:) love u knoxville..:)


please Johnny, don't try to do a back flip...


shwweeeet...p.s. is it me or is there a whole lotta plaid flannel going on in the bottom photo :)


:D That's awesome! Enjoy it! I loooooove you........ <3


Oh my geeeezsus :) Johnny Knoxville is too fkn cute<3 q:


Amazing jonny u have to be proud of what you started all them years ago, you have mad alot of people happy and some very famous! lots of love from little old england!!! X


awwwww, how adorable. :)


Too cool,man you have the life dude!

Me :D

YOUR AMAZING ! ILU! <3 :D Enjoy your Bike! ;)




johnny knoxville <3
you are my life and i no that might sound a bit weird since im the same age as your daughter and all but i really cant help it

with love Rachael Ward
Northern Ireland <3 i<3u

Sensei Sasuke04

tawwww that's awesome lmao ^_^


I wish I was that bike :/

AHHHHH! I love you Pj!

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Really? Admirable but useless. Look, everyone knows that Blanton will be the first guy out the door in a trade to lower the payroll. And with Andy Petitte having retired, Brian Cashman will come calling for Fat Joe any day now if not already.


On a slightly more serious note, this guy's essentially an amateur non-league footballer in Sweden


U can do it Johnny! I can do it, U can do anything. Much Love.

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