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March 01, 2011



Lol, Poooooooooo.

Vidal Medina

HAHAHAHA...Im laughing my freakin ass off...


This is gross, but hilarious! Only the Jackass folk could ever think this up!! Brilliant!


Horrible. Aaaaaand AWESOME. You sick f*cks. I love you guys SO much!!!!!!!! LOL!!



Account Deleted





bubble wrap!

Laura Z

You know, if we all looked at the world with childlike wonder, that's as close as we can possibly get to Utopian society...


damn!!!!!!!!!! jajaja xD!


I would expect no less from such perverse genius


How can he do this so easily? haha'


he's a professional "shit-er!" hahahaha!


oh fuck is so cool XD a green ass and a shit


Haahahhaa OMMGG! thhatss sooo funnnyy! LOL'


yeahhh!!! you rock!!


deverdad que le ganan al libro de reto de gines merecen oro o siiiiii


hahahahahaha so so funny I was crying with laughter in this movie..


whats the name of the song that plays in the background of the episode "the poocano"?

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james marcum

This shit is just wrong. Talking about the immagination and a shit er........


What bothered me most about the esidope was the message that if you pray long and hard enough, God will wake your dad up from a coma. I almost wanted Kurt's father to die and never wake up, if only to disprove this. What about all those people who pray and pray and still can't prevent their loved ones from dying? How are they supposed to feel? Yes, this is TV, where miracles happen all the time, but if I wanted this kind of thing I'd have watched Touched by an Angel. It didn't bother me quite as much as last season's esidope where Finn had to give up his private bedroom to share one with Kurt, and Kurt redecorated it, and Finn got mad, and for some reason we were supposed to side with Kurt, because hey, we should always side with fabulousness even at the expense of invading someone else's autonomy and privacy. I found it to be, paradoxically, a rather suffocating, one-sided message about the proper way to express one's individuality.


It wasn't Sue and Kurt against eyervone else. The majority of regular characters, including the teacher, didn't take a direct position.I don't think there was the slightest suggestion that Kurt found religion in the church or when his father [conveniently] woke up. Kurt was presumably moved by the beauty of the song and his friend singing it to him.Christopher Hitchens is moved by the Christians who pray for a healing of his cancer, but he has not made a deathbed conversion. Not an identical analogy, but there is overlap.


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time heals all wounds was not a beeaevrd parent. It has been 7 years since our first son died and almost 3 since our youngest son died and it is still awful. No parent should have I live in a world without their child/children. I try to be thankful but again I agree with you the holidays make everything harder! I wish I could go to sleep and wake up in the middle of January. Sending hope and hugs. fuck you cancer!!


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