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March 21, 2011



Omg that severed head. Yummayh


If you're curious, check out the backstage photos, reviews, blogs & podcasts posted on the FB page:



OH it was fantastic! If you get a chance, even if you're not into live theater at all, don't miss this show!


all together now..."NORM"!


What is that show about? I might want to see it.


Check out the trailer for the original film:


Naija music

Amazing Pictures!!!I really love the music of this film especially all those photos are horror... Enjoy this site.. http://www.newtsk.com/

Charter Bus DC

Here is Similar Story

Even considering the vast number of the films-turned-Broadway-musicals that have been produced in recent years, few would have imagined Stuart Gordon’s bloody 1985 cult classic, Re-Animator, would be a likely candidate to join their ranks. But if you think about it, Re-Animator’s camp-gore trappings make it a natural for the musical treatment. Gordon and his collaborators went back to the laboratory, grafted a bit of Gilbert & Sullivan and a bit of Bernard Herrmann into the proceedings and et voila, Re-Animator is born again as an all-singing, all-dancing Grand Guignol.

Mike G.

Note to all:
This musical is awesome and you should see it.
However, George Wendt is not in the cast any longer, but his replacement is just as good.

Lynsie Walker

You guys are awesome!! My hubby and I think you guys should remake the pepto bismol commercial since Stevo likes to puke and you guys do shit volcanoes...haha!!


going to see it on the 19th!!!

Mr. Merlin

Check out the Re-Animator: The Musical spot on Carson Daly:

Watch a scene from the show here:

See Merlin, Knoxville, Dunn and Englund laughing at Pontius' woodpecked pecker in Jackass 3.5 online for a limited time here:

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