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April 02, 2011



it´s not available in my country...f*ck!!! :(


you guys are awesome, you remind me of my bhoyz from back home.... thanks xo <3


I live in the UK and it won't work here!!


fuck joost


bullshit, not available in Germany either.


fuck joost


Joost SUCK

francesca tysver

i live in the uk and it worked!!! woop is is coming to dvd? anyone know?


Guys guys guys!
Download HotSpot Shield! it hides your IP.
I live in Denmark, normaly i cant get in but with this i can!

wilma leung

jackass keep up your crazy works...its really fun..


why do you keep uploading your videos on joost. This site sucks cuz almost noone can see these videos


too bad 80% of the people that watches jackass can't see it then....
Fuck joost


just clips... dont like tht, it sucks!


did Al Bundy write this? lol.

anyway, i think i can live with a few clips a week, for a couple months, it'll be like methadone i guess. but when that DVD comes out, i'm gonna overdose on a spoonful of jackass seasons 1-3, and all the DVD's to date. might even make an event out of it! you've heard about superbowl parties? why not a Jackass party?!

Fuck joost

Just release the damn DVD, maybe we wouldn't be so Mad if you Told us it was gonna episode based. And I'd hardly call a 2 minute clip an episode.


This is total bullshit. Jackass guys/staff/crew is selling the fuck out. SELLING OUT. I use to love you guys. I loved how the Jackass 2.5 was released online, and you got see the whole movie on certain days. YES! I was like its happening again but no they sold out to trying to make more money/sponsorship from Joost by getting more VIEWERS to their website. Fuckin losers.


I hateeeeeeeeee joost !!!

Robert Smith of The Cure

BULLSHIT BULLSHIT............. looks like there trying to milk the jackass franchise dry since this is most likely jackass 3 was the last movie they will do.............


i cant believe they fucked over the fans like that.


im ok with everything but those god damn comments from who no's who that pop up when im watching {i guess they are called shouts} turn those damn things off if i cared what billy buttfuck in idaho said id troll the message boards{wich i am currently doing}


It wont let me fucking watch it


F*ck this, this is so stupid. Why would they do this? We payed to see 3D, 3.5 is all bonus, its not hard to upload a video to the internet so the entire world can see it. Why block countries? Whats the bonus?

This is such a disgrace, and I'm glad this is the end of Jackass, you guys went out on a bang alright. Losers.

Arnoldo Cantu

fuck joost I can't play them.


JOOST Works with HotSpot Shield in any country(thanks to johan), but damn, this site is just fucking awkward. Comments keep popping up on screen and you can't turn them off, like who the fuck designed this stuff?


''Sorry, we are not allowed to display this show in your country (20032). Maybe we can interest you in one of the shows below instead?''

f-word to that.

BUT HEY HO, r u coming in finland?? I'd love to see u all :)


People need to chill the fuck out. Jackass are films and tv shows based on short clips ya know, so whats the harm in letting them out in clips. Its not like they are cutting bits short half way through or anything.


Fuck Joost and fuck your little deal with them. Their pathetic attempt to build a userbase with leftover clips of homoerotic masochists demonstrating their worthlessness is going to fail miserably. 'Least they gave these wastes of space more money! Poof!


Also, faggits, you yuppies were obviously intentionally misleading by withholding the fact that it was being released in 3 minutes increments. 'Fuck yuhselves.


Yeah yeah, Joost is a bitch.
But to the rest of you commenters, go fuck yourselves. You've all seen 3D already. Be a little patient, then go buy 3.5 later (or put on your pirate boots and download it, as I know y'all do anyway).

Seriously. You're acting like a bunch of ass-fucked retards.

suzi smith

A message for MTV.com SUCK IT!!!!!

suzi smith

A message for Siljess real Jackass fans will BUY a copy of 3.5 for their collections and using the word "retards" just goes to show your ignorance!

Robert Smith of The Cure

agreed with suzi


Exactly. Real fans will buy the DVD instead of ranting about not getting everything they point at, right this instant.


Wow i was just checking out Charlie Sheens awesome show in detroit on Youtube...kinda reminded me of jackass 3.5.... everybody waited for it, nobody really knew what to expect and now everybody´s pissed . If you haven´t seen it check it out - it´s just brutally bad.

oh and suzi and siljessi - shut up with that ´real fan´ shit. really makes you sound desperate

Tuva Kristin

Bah, can't view.. Fuck Norway..


I don't mind your guys' idea about playing it in clips. Although I would rather just see it on DVD, buy it, then watch it three times in a row. Does nobody even have a CLUE when it comes out on DVD.. You're teasin' me here! Love you guysss.


not available in Peru neither! fuck!


this is another best question:
How do you hide all the comments that distract so much!


I am very angry. I'm trying to find the sailor tee that Johnny always wears because I have always wanted it but I can't find it anywhere :'( Not even on google!


I can´t watch the episode with so much comments, they don´t let me watch the whole effects and shit! I guess I have to wait for the dvd release. It not worth it watching it missing all the cool detail!


FYI, the joost shout outs covering the screen are really annoying. 80% of the shout outs are complaints about shout outs.


those pesky and highly annoying "shouts" are being dealt with now, a/k/a having the shit slapped out of them. we have since been informed that they will allegedly be removed with the release of two more new segments tomorrow.


All these separate clips are so annoying. There is a disclaimer before and after each one! It SUCKS!

Disgruntled Irish

The Jackass 3.5 DVD Will come out two months from april fools day. Just look on joost, thats when the video contract expires.

Furthermore i'd like to say fuck you guys for signing a deal with joost because this format blows. Hope they paid out the ass for it and go bankrupt. I'll be watching old cky videos on google until the dam 3.5 dvd drops.

on the upside big black is back and black in an hour and a half...

Radu Postolache

Jackass better make a 4th one, if I had that kind of fame I would do some crazy ass shit....but I love all of them, and I dont care as long as they're doing something, you cant always get what you want, its their work they can do whatever the fuck they want with it, if you really care about jackass than you wont mind looking forward to new jackass clips every tuesday and friday.

Unkown Kid 65

Dear Jackass fans and the stupid Joost.com,

For further information, there WAS a channel in youtube.com that downloaded the jackass 3.5 videos. This channel posted 2 videos, part 1 and part 2, but thanks to the bitching and stupid selfish attitide of Joost.com, this channel had to delete Its videos. However, you can check the channels response to the email youtube sended. The channel is called Jackass3point5,

Thanks, hope Jackass comes in June or May in DVD from!

way to go

this "release" is fucking bullshit and dickhouse knows it. no one wants to watch a movie scene by scene over a couple of months

suzi smith

Jenny it is not being "desperate" it is being a FAN and buying the merchandice for our collections.You can go back to your Let's jump on the Charlie Sheen bandwagon now and have a nice day!


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