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May 26, 2011





I think Chris should be the Republican presidential candidate for 2012. At least he is "up front" and out in the open about his plans for the country.

Laura Z

Sure hope the mousetrap footage is forthcoming. If a man has to suffer so much for his art, he should at least get his moment in the sun!


Awww, no video associated with it? What a let-down. J/k. I'm stoked for 3.5. I'm sure I'm not the first to say this, but Chris Pontius' "contraption" is very unique in it's shape, to put it pleasantly. Not that everyone else wasn't thinking it. I can still see the "baseball" skit in my head play over and over.

Nonetheless, I love you guys. You're f***ing hilarious, and I'll followed CYK, The Dudesons/Extreme Duudesonit, Bam's Unholy Union, Viva La Bam, Wildboyz, and more recently Rad Girls. I plan on checking out F'n Lunatikz/Effin' Lunatics...something like that.

I never thought about being a groupie really, but I would totally do Johnny Knoxville (for his brilliant mind and good looks), Bam Margera (for being effin' hot, until he branded three-and-a-half dicks and a set of balls on his formerly perfect ass), and Steve-O. What would probably happen is that Knoxville would have a good time, but then have to stop and write down a new skit idea, Margera's ass would make me reconsider that he might actually be gay (meanwhile thinking about the anal-bead kite), and Steve-O would probably throw-up.....hahahaha!

I've done the shopping cart stunt, and Steve-O's goldfish one, so maybe we're a match make in hell. IDK. I hope you guys got a laugh out of this, and if you aren't the ones reading it, I hope your assistants did.

Johnny Knoxville

i think chris pontius for president is a great idea. if he wins he can appoint me the head of the DEA. woohoo!! and yes christinegaudet i did get a laugh out of your post. thanks for writing. love,knoxville


WOW Knoxville, I am soo jealous that you came up with the idea before I did!!!;) I LOVE the drawing by the way!! Cannot wait to see you as the HEAD of the DEA!!;)


That wooden pecker may be false, but those nipples are very real, and very erect.


HA! I knew it was Johnny's idea. Great one it is too! Have you considered going into the art business Johnny? You rock at drawing.

Mário Cardoso

what about this idea: a dark room, with 6 or 7 jackasses all together at the end of the room with handcuffs in a big hank just using helmets, and at the beggining of the room, behind a wall 3 or 4 golf players «practicing their swing» throught little holes in that wall... if that is boring... just set golf balls on fire!

suzi smith

I love the confused,worried look on the little drawing characters face,especially as Chris Pontius face looked similar in the actual task lol!


Life changing stuff guys. The first movie made me feel absolutely alive. The stevo fan jump was just awesome. How to not take life too seriously journal was created. And thank you guys. Awesome hours of fun. But sometimes you make me puke. That's ok too. Seriously made me think differently about life. It's boredom and repitition. Can I make a suggestion. Would love to see one of you guys in a full suit of amour going through an airport metal detector. Placing the keys in the basket first.

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Other than flipping the image holozintalry so the word police does not appear flipped on the back of one of the policemen, I think this is ready for prime time!. nice work


BION I'm irmepssed! Cool post!

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