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June 21, 2011



He was my favorite of the group.... jackass and comedy to me just will not be as good again.

Danny Vanzura

Thank you.


We all lost a brother....but to whoever reads this, please listen up about the horrible "Westboro Baptist Church's" plan against Ryan Dunn!!! PUT A STOP TO IT!!!

Jenna Colombero

My heart goes out to all of you duing this very difficult time. Ryan was definitely one of my favorites and he will be truly missed. I will keep all of you and your families in my heart and thoughts as well as Ryan's family. I am still in complete shock. I can't believe it. Ryan... Rest In Peace <3

Diverse City Alabama's Jackass Crew

Roger Ebert murdered Dunn Dunn never posted a picture on his twitter page before the wreck look on his page for proof @ryandunntv

Thomas Baker

I am just first learning of this grave trajedy... So it is with much remorse, I must ask this question. How did it happen?

Chris H

Rest in Peace Brother

laura vanessa

Seguro esta en un lugar mejor! lo extrañare muchisimo :(


Ever since I saw him jump(or try) the creek on that shitty little bike, I was a huge fan. Bam asking him if he's cold and replying, "you're an idiot....". Too funny. You will be missed brother, RIP.

Stell Rosales

cant believe it was kinda unreal..and today I had a dream that he didn't die..that it was a joke... but that was just a dream I guess in my head it was a joke... RIP Ryan Dunn, Buddy my heart and my thoughts goes to his family!
you are in my prayers!

Zachary Lund

Wow man... I guess you'll be doin' crazy shit on the other side :)
Thanks for the years of entertainment, brother.


Ryan was amazing and will be very missed. My prayers go out to his family and you guys.


how did he die?

Megan Bear

I can't believe this. When I heard about this I lost all joy in my day. I have never met him but always wanted. I always felt close to him and the jack ass and Viva La Bam crew because I watched so much of it. Ryan was a true inspiration and always knew how to make me laugh. I'm so sorry to the jackass and Viva La Bam crew. I know what its like to lose a best friend, a relative and people close.. My heart and prayers go out to you all and to Ryan's family. R.I.P


The picture got taken off his twitter. it's on TMZ now.

Don Marsh

Ryan was great, this really is sad and I hope you all help each other through this tough time, He will be sorely missed


All of my love ohhhh all of my love to you.... (sleep in peace)
learn from him, LIVE for him <3


Very sad . R.I.P


It's sad that he is gone.. He will forever be missed!!! Keep prankin Ryan!!! RIP

Rejane Bacelar

He was my favorite in the group, jackass not be the same without Ryan

Robert E. Rushton

Montgomery County, MD as a whole mourns the loss of Ryan Dunn. No matter where I have gone or what I was doing since the news broke, I have come across countless people talking about how devastated that he is gone or their favorite Dunn moments. Dunn, we love you and always will. Rest in peace.


Don't let this keep you guys from doing Jackass! Honor him trough your work, but remember he can never be replaced..

Ryan Hummel

You will always be remebered an never forgotten. An my heart goes out to the jackass an cky gangs. Ya'' will pull through an remember now Ryan Dunn is in heaven waitin for ya'll come an have a blast while lookin down an helpin guide ya'll.


Rest in peace Ryan.........

Charlotte McAllister

I am so sorry for all of your losses. We, as fans can only mourn for him so much - we did not know him like you did but can only thank you and him for all the moments we got to enjoy. My thoughts are with all of you, your families and friends and everyone who has been directly affected by this. Words cannot change what has happened but I hope it helps you to see how much love we have for all of you and this tragic loss. My thoughts were with you when this news first broke as my thoughts have been with you today. I will continue to think of you all and hope you find the strength to get through this horrible event. I cannot say how sorry I am and how much of a loss this is without thinking of you all and I hope you are all okay given the events - please know there are millions of people thinking of you and keeping you close to their hearts and minds.

dominic parsons

its an absolute shock that ryan has passed on and he will be missed by every single jackass fan in the world the man truely was a hero with the rest of the jackass boys R.I.P


He's immortal now. We'll always have the crazy stunts on video to watch and make us laugh. Still sad, but he will always be remembered.


sorry but woe to go ahead with the program's number one television jackass we do not give up the will always be in our hearts but woe is to go ahead with chin up and with a big smile on his face and still be an idiot as usual greetings adios


I am soooo sorry for your loss...I lost my brother last year in car accident so I definatly know what you're feeling. My prayers are with you all. Thank you so much Ryan for all the laughs...you gave me an escape through some very hard times and that means the world to me. Thank you Ryan!


I'm growing my beard back in honour of Ryan. @dickhouseworld #beardfordunn



one question: "über alles"?
that's german, isnt it?! why do you speak german?


im just say thank dude! thanks for all the laughs. we miss you and never forget you. Blessings from Chile for your family and friends. Ryan Dunn 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You will be dearly missed , RIP brother

hector vargas

mmm he was a great guy.... and he will be one of the jackass guys FOREVER.... ryan dunn will be one i have just saw jackass 3.5 and he looked so happy there =) so i want to remember him in that way.... happy and so lovely and friendly guy ........

we all loved and still love ryan dunn ..........



Sandra Skipper

Such a truly sad day for everyone who's life he touched either personally or through film. I didn't know how to explain to my son that his favorite next to Bam had passed and when I did he looked at me and said "mom we were all selfish to think God would leave him for just us to love and laugh with. People in heaven need to laugh too". My deepest condolences to all of his family and friends.


Rest in peace Ryan


Rest in peace Ryan Dunn
all we miss you! @jackassworld

Mimi Lee

we never forget you ryan >.<
you was ever a great guy. we miss you ever and all
the things get only to you and your Family. jackass guys you
must to be strong. my thinks are by all jackass guys,too. we love you ryan.
and we love bam, steve , johny and so on <3


I am still in denial about the passing of my favorite "Jackass". I watched everything that Dunn appeared on, and loved his laid-back, twisted sense of humor. My prayers go out to all of his friends and family. Dunn, you made everyone laugh for years, and you will be missed for many more years to come. R.I.P.


Rest in peace our random hero... forever in our hearts and memories... thoughts n love to all u guysX


Ryan was taken way to soon, as so many are. It's so very sad. He will certainly be missed. I wish the best for his family and friends.

Simon T

Met him in the U.K. when he was touring with Steve O. Couldn't meet a nicer guy. R.I.P Ryan Dunn


Ryan i will never forget you.... thx for all the entertainment throughout these years be strong guys and to his brothers johnny, Stevo, and more i hope you guys stay strong don't forget he' will always be in your hearts.

kyle B

RIP Brother





My thoughts are with everyone he left behind, it's a real shame. RIP Ryan, and as for the "Westbro Baptist Church" picketing his funeral.. ugh!!! =[


so sorry that you all have lost a brother and we have lost a great comedian. I am sure he will be missed by his loved ones as well as his fans. I hope that he will Rest In Peace and make some people up there laugh! For those of us left behind he will be remembered through the Jackass franchise. RIP DUNN

Tim Boileau

Sorry for your lost Jackass crew. I to know what it feels like to lose a friend to a car crash, very saddening. I hope Ryan is in heaven looking down on y'all and very single fan of his. I'ma smoke a Blunt in his memory. Rest in Peace Ryan Dunn


This is so fuckin unfair! R.I.P.

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