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June 25, 2011



im really sad he died ive seen all shows with him in them and i will miss him


R.I.P ryan dunn well miss u

Mike Sanderson

Still sad :( Can't get over this...



Tim Wright

Damn, this was hard to read. Thoughts and prayers to you Knoxville and the rest of the Jackass/CKY family. RIP Dunn :(


I miss Ryann. :( xx
Jackass will not be the same without him .All my love the Jackss crew <3



Anthony Mesojednik

Nice Man RIP Ryan Dunn You Will Be Missed Bye All Your Fans Family And Friends Love You Much Man You Where Kick Ass

Sincerly,Your Fan Anthony Mesojednik (:

Kelly Wilkins

I'm really sorry for your loss, my thoughts and love are with you all,xxx

natasha tonsfeldt

That was beautiful. It reminds me of when I lost my brother last year the same way Ryan died. It was good that you loved him, and it sounded like he loved you too. I think people die to show us to remember to live. The hurt doesnt go away, but it gets better with time.

Jessica Snyder

miss this guy...a sad day!

sarah lopez

that was so nicely put I cant imagine your pain! we watched jacakass 3.5 and shed a few tears its funny I never met the guy but through your videos he felt like a friend and its a true loss. may he rest in peace and you guys find comfort soon!


:( misswd alot

Emily H.

This is was so very touching. Please keep your head high, that is what he would want, I am sure. We are all here for you. His memory and legacy will live with you all and through the millions he made laugh over the years. We are all thinking of you and wishing for the best.

Kully R

You'll be missed ryan, and I know that was probably really hard to write Johnny. If you look at Reynolds035 on YouTube we did some stuff in memory of Ryan Dunn


That is very touching and I'm sure Ryan loved it. He'll be with you now wherever you go. I watched my best friend overdose in front of me, so I know the pain of losing someone who was that close. My heart goes out to the Jackass crew, Ryan Dunn's family and his Angie, as well as all his friends and fans.


Ryan will receive love from all of Jackass Fans...i wonder what jackass will do without Ryan .......Ryan Dunn was awesome




"I'm becoming upset now because this isn't right, goddamnit."
started crying right about here.

Dixie Camille

I'm sorry Johnny, yall were close! He and his family are in my prayers.


Rest In Peace Ryan - you will be missed!!

Joshua Kingrey

man ryan im gonn miss u buddy i didnt know ya personally but you are truly gonna be missed r i p ryan

Tony Carlson

God bless you Johnny Knoxville, thats for the honesty.

Jerra Schocke

I'm sorry Johnny...Just know when you get to heaven there is NO sorrow...He is probably looking down thinking why is everyone so sad? There isn't any sadness up there and one day you will be with him again. I know this...you must have Faith in that.


That is so sweet! reading this made me cry. R.I.P Ryan


R.I.P Ryan Dunn :(


This makes me cry.. :c
RIP Ryan you were awesome!
Jackass will look empty without you..


FUCKKKKK!!! ryan i miss you :(

ryan smith

That was some beautiful words that were said about Ryan. I was a huge fan of jackass and he was one of my favorites. Im sorry for the loss of a great funny dude. He will be missed dearly! R.I.P Ryan Dunn. I give my best wishes to his friends and family.


R.I.P Ryan =(

simon morgan

a class member of the crew,never forget the toy car up his butt scenes,funny shit,he gave me hours of fun together with all the crew,sad sad loss thanks for jackass,thankyou Ryan ..moggy u.k.

kris meldrum

Well said Knoxville.



Well said Johnny!.....my thoughts to you and his friends and family....R.I.P Ryan Dunn......


Really nice Speech, came straight from the heart.


wE lOVE nD mISS u rYAN dUNN iT wILL nEVER bE tHE sAME wITHout U Bro...


I got a tattoo for Ryan today ...
I'm so sorry Johnny for yours and everyone else's loss.
I wish I could be there to give everyone a cuddle.
God bless you Johnny x

eric gaddy

ryan dunn u were my favorite person on jackass and i wish i had the chance to meet you i will never forget all the ti
es i fell over laughing from something u did i will miss seeing u in any future jackass movies and i will always remember you

Noak Anderson



thats really fckin shit... why had he to die? :( im totally sad, too.
he was a great man
***Rest In Peace***


im gonna miss u dunn i woke up and seen that text even though i didnt know u man i started to cry from day one of jackass i was with u guys eyes glued to the tv i love u dunn we could have been great bearded buddys

alissa wood

That's beautiful johnny(..: <3 godd bless*

Dana K.

Aww... Knoxville is such a sweet guy to write this. I'm so sorry for your loss, a loss that is shared with the whole world. I know I'll miss seeing him in the Jackass videos... Just know that whenever you guys do more Jackass stunts, he'll be there beside you, either watching and laughing, or performing with you. :) My support and love to you guys.


That was beautiful, Johnny. Ryan is looking down on all of you guys and his family and he'll make sure you all are strong.

Rest in peace Ryan <3


Im in tears right now. My love goes to all of the Jackass guys and Angie ofcourse. Ryan will be missed for ever


thats pure love dude

Steve Strain

...couldn't have said it as clumsily as you in all respects Knoxville. I still don't know what to say either. I enjoy free spirits even when I don't know em, and he was one I always looked forward to watching. FUCK! This sucks... peace Ryan... thanx Johnny.


I'm still in shock. God bless you guys and God bless Ryan. He will be deeply missed. Love you all!! i grew up watching you guys from day one. You all are in my prayers..


Yeah very hard to read. I cried.R.I.P. Ryan You were loved very much by all.

Laura K.

Wow! Very well said.
He does know how you feel. And I wish you nothing but the best, my heart truly does go out to you and everyone that knew Ryan for who he really was.


way to make me cry knoxville.

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