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June 24, 2011



ur gunnna be well missed dawg


We love you, Ryan. May you rest in peace.

Dude Manrod

Damn this makes me sad. I didnt know him but I watched Ryan all through high school and it seems like his personality comes across in the shows and movies.....id have loved to hang out with him


amazing dude R.I.P Ryan Dunn
Touched many people's heart's!


Wow :'( RIP x

Roberto Garcia

Damn this is just so sad. Cant believe he died, he was one of my favorite jackass guys. R.I.P Ryan Dunn.


so touching Jeff i was in tears.
RIP Ryan Dunn you will always be remembered and missed


That's a beautiful tribute to a cherished friend. Thanks for the laughs Ryan, RIP xxx

Caner Ünsal

we miss you buddy :'(


Why do bad shit happen to good people :( ur Gona b missed dude!! Xxxxx

Jesalyn Fluharty

Good words Jeff. Ryan maybe gone, but never forgotten.


restinpeace dunn now its your turn to make the angels laugh!


he was a brilliant person, r.i.p friend


rest in paradise man .. do some wild shit up in heaven


Amazing! He made Jackass so funny, you all did. But Ryan will be missed <3 I hope you still continue to suprise us in the future.. I don't think Ryan would want you to quit the fun, but I do understand that you all need some time to think things through and get yourselves together.

I lost a friend last year, not to a car accident, but he was drunk and fell off a roof. It takes so much time and we still miss him endless everyday.. But in a way you learn to live with it. You don't get over it, but you learn to live with it.

So sorry for your loss and you are all in my thoughts these days.

Greetings from a Norwegian Jackass-fan since the early days.

ben shaw

Beautiful sentiment to Ryan :'(

Dustin Martindill

R.I.P. <3

Craig Bird

R.I.P. Ryan

You will be greatly missed

Randy Gnagy

It makes me sad. Im growing a beard in his honor. I wont shave it for one year. May he be at peace. On Love.

Tomasz Bidziński

rest in peace Ryan


i have really absolutely no idea what to say
i think my face would explain everything at this point
its not right... we love you and miss you and will never forget you <3 r.i.p


This is amazing. Im gonna miss Ryan so much. He was my favourite one. R.I.P buddy.

Stephen Jensen

I still go on thinking this can't possibly be real. What a big part all of the cast has been of my adolescent life. I'm sad to him go to soon. Every single day he lived to the fullest. Sadly we don't get any new memories from him but we are truly blessed for all the ones we get to have of him. My prayers and thoughts go out to all the families and friends and the crew. Love all you guys. Stay strong and lean on those who are strong in your life. Big hugs all around. Take care


Huge Jackass fan, want to make my own similar show, will do it for you Ryan

RIP <3


Gone way too soon, but he will always be in our hearts. RIP Ryan Dunn

Frank Era

*Dedication To The Late Great Ryan Dunn*


Here is a song i made in the Memory of Dunn, because i think he wouldn't want all of us to wallow about his death, we should all be happy ( not that he passed ) but that he's happy, just like Jeff said "Get ready to laugh, angels, because you’re getting a great one." I couldn't have said it any better, This song and my next set is all dedication to you dunn. Thanks for the Laughs and mor importantly the inspiration.

AJay Hubbard

R.I.P. Bro


Well said Jeff. I never had the pleasure to meet Ryan or any of the Jackass crew for that matter. Yet when I watched any of the shows or movies, you all felt like family to me just watching homemade movie clips, because who would be insane enough to do stunts like that on film? My family is pretty out there and I could only imagine how it would feel to lose one of mine as you did one of yours. I know they say time heal all wounds, but I wish there was something I could say or do to somehow make everything feel better. Unfortunately I know I can't. Just know that Ryan, Dunn's family and his Jackass family and friends are all in our thoughts and prayers. We love you all.


love you always crazy dude!

Ryan Maiden

Jeff, that was so lovely and heart warming. Such funny stories. I can't wait for more tributes.


so sad. what you wrote is beautiful. RIP.


damn that last bit about the angels choked me a bit i must admit :/ this must be hard for you lot, and im very sorry to hear of your loss, he seemed like such an awesome guy and i would of loved to of met him, R.I.P Ryan!




En cualquier parte de la otra vida en que estés espero que sigas haciendo las travesuras que nos hacían reír,
te fuiste pero aun te llevamos en nuestros corazones! RIP :_{

Amanda Bayona

Every time I think I'm done crying you guys put out something else. RIP Ryan, you were truly loved, and will be missed by many.


R.I.P Ryan Dunn Thank you man you are the best
Rogeri-O Brazil



Thanks for posting this story and the pictures Jeff, It's nice reading about the good times you guys had with Ryan.

R.I.P Random Hero


we will miss you!!! RIP Ryan

Abel Barboza

Rest in Peace brother.

the ev

i feel for all of you, and his family and angie. he will be truly missed.


hope ur doin somthin funny were ever u are now

john strausbaugh

So in my time of knowing ryan just on tv and movies he really touched me alot if i could my goal in life was to meet ryan dunn and the cast of jackass he was truely my favorite person of all jackass bless his heart and rip forever

Mc lefty

you made us laugh
you made us smile
you made us want to try stupid things that could only end badly
some are blessed with brains others with looks to die for
but you my friend where blessed with the greatest gift of all
a heart and soul greater the Jesus himself
you may be gone my friend

Kari close

We will miss ryan dunn he was a very funny man. I never liked jackass til I seen ryan stick the car up his ass that was soo funny. Rip ryan

Carol Raven

R.I.P Ryan your going to be missed so much x


it is really sad, but he shouldn,t have been drinking!


the bearded angel.........mr dunn and mr god comparing whiskers,,,,

Andy Cuevas

We will miss you buddy R.I.P


It sucks that we lost an amazing man. But that means god wanted a good laugh up there. I hope your lookin down on us right now. R.I.P Dunn. You are missed.

Account Deleted

un grande de el humor grotesco ,,, idolo de mis hijos...

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