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June 27, 2011



really beautiful

casey allan

awww.. this really is so sweet...well anyways r.i.p ryan dunn you will always be remembered!!!! <3 and also mch love goes out to the jackass crew.


RIP ryan..we lov you


thanks so much for sharing those memories. it feels a lot better knowing Ryan felt that way but still is hard to believe. i'm glad you got to hear those words from him. it gives alot of comfort, im guessing.


Wow..it was one of the funniest guys on T.V and never complained and seemed so happy on the shows.. R.I.P. Ryan Dunn ( a.k.a- Random Hero)


rest in peace ryan you have made so many people laugh and glad u lived a good life


Thank you to Johnny, Tremaine, Knate and Spike for being so open with us fans and sharing your thoughts and details of moments spent with Sir Ryan of Dunn. Not only does it help you all heal to say a last farewell but it helps those who are feeling your sadness to heal. Reading all of your blogs I had tears in my eyes and laughter in my throat all at the same time. I didn't know Ryan but like most of his dedicated fans he was my favorite. He was so real you could feel his personality come across the screen so much so that it made everyone feel like they knew him. Please Keep the memories coming...Steve-o, Pontius....Bam??


im sad i saw all of there movies i hope u guy make another movie in his honor


:_( how sad......


miss u ryan u were always happy with every one in the show

Anitza Lucic

Guys thanks a lot to share this memories with the fans, that makes us feel more closer to you guys, I know there are a lot to remember with Ryan and It's so hard to cope this, but you have a big part of Ryan now in your hearts. I want to send my best to Angie, and giver her my strenght to continue, is not gonna be easy but now she has an angel by her side.

Henrico Sene Pinto

to the teachers with love
Panico na TV, Brasil
RIP Ryan



Laura Z

Immensely comforting words from Knate and Spike. Thank you for sharing...

Kelly B.

Speechless...completely speechless! R.I.P. Ry <3 <3 <3


My love goes out to the people that have been sorely affected by this

Billy Fernandez

Ryan eras uno de los mejores viejo como te extranaremos...<3


So sad... RIP Ryan and Zach.


We will miss u forever!


im mexican...and i like your movies...R.I.P bro...you are our hero!!!!
RYAN 4life!!!


I hope that yall decide to use his death for good. Its not often that you have a star die while driving... with alcohol involved. Hopefully this will relay to all the jackass fans that alcohol and driving dont mix... no matter who you are or how well you can handle liquor. Hopefully this will keep alot of young (and old) people from making the same mistake and save many lives. R.I.P. Ryan Dunn

Miralem MiRe Hodžić


skylar humphrey

RIP Ryan dunn will never beforgoten and no one will ever forget his beard

Charlotte Johnstone

I can't believe it's been a week, yet I'm still crying about my lovely Ryan Dunn.
I don't quite know what to say anymore because I've written my most heartfelt thoughts on the other tributes and posts to him, but I hoe everyone from jackass writes a tribute to him, because then he can really be celebrated and loved. Ryan, I love you and miss you and I want you to know that I won't ever forget how awesome you were and how every scene yu were in lit up in your presence. Rest In Peace Ryan, my sweetheart.


R.I.P random hero! You will be missed dude, i mean fuck! When you died you took a piece of my childhood with ya. But i love these memorials the´re just so beautiful.
Well gone but never forgotten dude! Peace bro, and prank em good up there! Lots of love from sweden <3


Thanks for sharing that. Great that you guys are allowing us "behind the curtain" so to speak and we see past the dirt and stunts to reveal a genuine and sweet guy. That first story tore me up, again, these are tough to read through as a fan since the early days. Stick together guys, I always admired your family spirit and you need that now more than ever.


rest in peace ryan ur a great guy ive know


It can never be forgotten ryan dunn



mark cervik jr

rip dunn you were funny as hell hope you continue to be funny in the afterlife


rip dun you da shit don't be soon stopes shot up there we all love an miss you man can wat to see the movie

jay brown

I can remember watching the cky movies in high school and thinking, Bam had a rock star aura about him, Brandon seemed like he would creep out anyone- but in a good way, but this other guy seemed like he was just a regular guy who could have been any of our friends, he seemed like he was everyones "crazy friend". That person was obviously Ryan and I dont think Ive ever been upset about someone I didnt really know passing away, but this one hurt. It might sound really pathetic for a fan to say something like this, but hearing of his passing was like hearing a good friend passed. I lost my best friend when I was 16, and I can remember my emotions during that time, and my only words of encouragement is it doesnt get better, but with time it becomes easier.

Best wishes to all his loved ones




i am brazilian and i love work ....ryan dunn forever


Thanks for sharing. I have tears in my eyes. I didnt know him but i think he was a great and funny buddy! Rest in paradise, Ryan.


He is now gone for a week, and today I heard it for the first time that a radiomen said: "its today, that Ryan Dunn is a week gone" I was glad he said it, but I thought also, damn, he is just a week gone, and that was making me sad because if I read this, he was just a great and (be)loved men.
I miss u a lot, and many people does, don't care about the haters, they just jealous!!.


Thank you all for sharing this precious memories with us. The more i realize how good he was, the more i miss his presence in this world. At least i believe he is in peace and happy because he can feel the love we´ve been sending him every single moment.


it's true that it's the quality not quantity of life that counts...


"If there woulda been a stick there I woulda come up and kicked em"
I love you Ryan


its my dream to meet u guys its really sad knowing that ryan is gone.

Account Deleted

Ryan Dunn.... forever(♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥)


That quote about Ryan saying if he died tomorrow don't be sad for him because he is happy is reassuring. I like that quote. I still miss him like I would miss my own brother if he passed though. Again, I wish you all the best of luck on recovering. These were both very good.

don mullens

ryan dunn may u rest in heaven,my prayers go out 2 ur family and friends


Still can't believe he's gone. Can't even imagine how hard this is for those closest to Ryan. You can tell he just loved to make people laugh, Jackass won't be the same without him. Thanks for sharing your stories. RIP Ryan, you will be truely missed.


rest in peace ryan we always remember you


i'm pretty in tune with a person's 'energy' and from the moment i first saw ryan i liked him immediately. he just had a great energy about him and i'm always drawn into people like that. ryan and bam were and always will be my favorites.

it's a little relief to hear that he was in a happy place before he died. wish he could come back one last time and properly say goodbye to all of us before he goes back up again. see ya again one day bro. thank you for everything and may u both rip and may god bless us all.


Thank you spike for sharing I'm still upset about the accident but I feel better thank you


4ever ryan dunn


I am a geriatric nurse. It's my job to guide people to their deaths.
But again, it hurts me to let someone go.
Death is cruel and mean and unfair.
And when he does arrive then it's too late.
There are one of the things one has not yet said.
Things you thing it is school.
The excuses are gone.
Guys, I know you now going through a shitty time.
And believe me I would do anything for you to take the pain.
Fucking shit I wish I could help you somehow. But I do not know how.
But I will say one thing:
Stay strong guys, and please never gives up.
Keep it together and we are in the 3rd Film've shown!
Ryan Dunn and will always be in your midst, and thus be never forgotten.
Take good care of you all!
Since its the best I know and your friendship with Ryan and among you all is 1000 times stronger than death.

PS: I have a terrible English. Sorry

Marian Andrei Mihai

This is the nicest thing you could ever do in his memory. By telling to the world, what was Ryan to you showing a part of him that only close friends as you
knew about it, and this is something that he would appreciated knowing all this things, which I am sure that he already knew most of it.
Sorry again for your lost.Great love for you guys and his beloved Angie and family.

Jisi Takala

we will miss this dude... R.I.P

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