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June 28, 2011



That 'organic broccoli' line is pure gold. RIP Dunn!


Epic, miss ya always Dunn...


Wow, So kind i have tears in my eyes.
We miss you Ryan!

John Vandermey

That's beautiful, man.

Tim Solomon

Miss you Ryan R.I.P.

Recta Fied

Regardless of the situation I hope this makes all of the Jackass guys realize that their lives are more important than a few stunts. You have all showed the world that you are crazy and can do dangerous things, but I think it's time to show the world what else you can do.


Dude had a real knack for making people laugh,i cannot speak for everyone but his humor made a positive difference in my life,R.I.P man,you will be sorely missed by your fans.


Rest in peace Ryan. <3

Kieran Craig

R.I.P ryann dunn you are sorely missed :(


J'aurais aimé plus le connaître que à travers Jackass.
RIP Ryan


Ryan, YTMND.

Josue Mendez

R.I.P Ryan Dunn He was always a Badass thi story is touching FML theyll be no Jackass without him


is he dead :o?

Laura Z

Oh, I do like this new Steve-O so much better! Nicely put... Awesome that you guys are sharing your memories and feelings ~ really generous of you :)

MR Dico

Truly amazing. RIP DUNN!! Miss you brother!!

Sara Williamson

WOW, Steve-o i didn't know you had it in you? i miss Ryan Dunn i am so sorry!!! That was so sweet that brought a tear to my eye.


R.I.P Ryan Dunn

lyndsey mcbride

u are so awsome ,thanku for sharing that with us ,it totally made my day ,and god bless all of u ,and may ryan dunn rest in heavenly peace .love lyndsey mcbride xoxo


He seemed like an amazing and truly hilarious guy. The organic broccoli line is genius. I wish I would have gotten the chance to meet him. I'm sorry for your loss.
Rest in peace, Ryan. <3


we all should have been a little more like Ryan Dunn R.I.P buddy

Adele Hadfield

Wish we could have known him like you guys, going to miss him

Joseph Young

Don't worry Steve-O, Ryan Dunn will always be remembered. His spirit lives in all of us.

gajendra d ambi

miss you ryan....u ll be alive 4ever in our memories..i lost my grand ma yesterday and i know how it feels to lose someone who cared for u....it seems god was in need of some good humour more than us....tc


he was a goood man, man should never forget his name!!


I totally read this entire thing in steve-o's voice, in my head. RIP Ryan Dunn. It was awesome to hangout with you bro, you were an epic dude and had one hell of an awesome beard.

Dana Keeping

losing one of your best friends is so very hard....I too lost my best friend in a tragic car accident, she was only 21. I think of her daily and how i was lucky to be her friend...Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, they are wonderful to read...RIP Ryan Dunn.


I didn't know Ryan half as well as you guys did, but I can tell from the way you talk about him, I can tell that he actually was the nicest guy ever. I actaully have cried every single day since I heard, I know he was happy, bt thinking about you guys and what you're going through is heartbreaking, and I'm going to miss seeing him on TV, I always knew when he came on whilst watching Jackass I know it was gonna be a funny scene! He's going to be missed by a hell off a lot of people. Goodnight, bearded angel.
Is Bam going to do a tribute? It would be nice to see what he has to say about him.


I totally read that broccoli part in his voice. RIP dude.

felipe colina

When i see jackass now i laught a lot dude, i wnjoy all the movie orepisode, but when it finish, i get depressed by dun, the know of one of my heroes are gone, makes me feel bad bro, all guy are doing a really good work and nobody realizes until one of the gang goes, we remember ryan for ever, and should start apreciate all of you guys

R.I.P Dunn, love you all guys, be strong for us

ciara synyster

I almost cried reading this<3 luv u steve-o <3 miss you dunn R.I.P.

jesus arroyo

i seriously wish i knew him like u did bro. from the work ive seen him do on jackass and viva and his show he had, he seemed like the coolest guy aaround! i wish i got to meet him once in my lifetime. BADASS entertainer and even sicker person at heart, from what ive seen from tv and movies of course. man, i wishi can say more, but i didnt know him the way u did, not even close. R.I.P. Ryan Dunn, we all miss you.. much love to u guys and your families, u got my support.

marco lopez

it wont be the same without Dunn
you guys are the best.
IRIE guys Dunn is by your side through heart and soul
RIP Ryan Dunn
you gave a lot of people the laughs of their lifetimes you'll
always be remembered.

jen baker

You guys r awesome R.I.P Ryan Dunn


all i got to say about ryan dun is that HE WAS ON BAD ASS SON OF A BITCH. youll be missed dearly ryan R.I.P.

Shad DJ Parral+L Bettis

Damn yo...you guys I know were the best of friends...screw that family....I'm gratefully sorry for your loss and as always wish everyone of you the best....no matter how much shit you eat...lol (jus a little one...but on a real note...He is greatly missed by all family,friends,and fans..R.I.P Ryan..

Nicanor Mariano

we all love you Ryan

Baby lockkkz


suzi smith

I guess that is what friendship is all about. Accepting people for who they are, their good days and bad and being supportive to one another when needed.I feel sad that he is gone and sad too for your loss of a great friend.


Wow that was heartful Stevio


caleb clark

we will all miss you ryan R.I.P we will all see you some day.

Lauren penate

Well miss u Ryan
U used to make me and my bros laugh Alot Wen we watch jackass and viva la bam and that other show were u remade people rooms like prank them. We will never forget wat u brought to tha table u will alwayz b in our hearts Fo ever. U were my nephews role model he alwayz wanted to b jus like u doing crazy and funny things lol : )
Ryan Dunn was tha most funniest person I ever seen on MTV lol u will never b forgotten : )
R.I.P Ryan Dunn and thank u Fo making me and my familia laugh Alot <3


Miss you legend :(


Ryan you are very special. Want you to know. I live in Thailand. I also feel that you are always welcome. Every time you look. I feel that you are still in the memories never go away I want you to live on earth forever... miss you Ryan.

Stephanie German

I can't believe he is truly gone... I have grown up watching Jackass and Viva la Bam and has always been a huge fan of Ryan. Made me laugh my ass off because he was truly funny, may he forever rest in peace and I pray for all his friends and ESPECIALLY his family. I am still shocked from his passing and I know everyone is too. MTV needs to have a show dedicated to Ryan, and millions of his fans and family would agree. RIP RYAN DUNN you will forever be legendary and I will never forget all the talent he had, and all the laughs I shared because of him.


we all love you ryan dunn may you rest in peace you will be truly missed until you see all your jackass buddies again and until you see the rest of the people that you never met.may you watch over everyone

michael reed

Everybody from jackass i've watched your stuff from the beginning and can relate to steve o with some of the struggles you've gone through with drugs and trying to make everyone around you happy no matter the sacrifice to yourself and i know ryan passing will put a strain on everyones life because how close you all were but be strong and dont slip back into your old habits cuz that will only bring everyone of your friends down even lower. Youve gotta step up and keep everyone happy and dont worry ryan dunn will never be forgotten he'll be remembered by millions as a kick ass person and an amazing friend. Even if noone else is there i will be because i love all you guys kinda like the fucked up disfunctional older brothers i never had and someday i hope to meet you all. Put a flower on his burial site for me. Maybe someday i'll get to do it myself. Take care guys. An steve o remember my words


That's straight from the heart. I cried when I read this. And your right you are an asshole. R.I.P Ryan Matthew Dunn. You will forever be missed.

Pablo Zamora

Rest in Peace, Ryan Dunn. We will miss you bud!


i found this video http://tiny.cc/3k01u


As Ryan plays for a much larger audience now I expect to see some yellow rain soon so that Ryan can say "I got the last laugh fuckers"..... RIP Ryan !

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