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June 29, 2011


Johnny Knoxville

what a sweet tribute from my hero mat hoffman. thanks mat. love,knoxville


that was wonderfull matt !

ryan moon

the best dare devil i ever saw on jackass and hello jonny


Hail to one of the kings, and rest in peace, Mr. Dunn.

the nig

he dunn goofed

Jay Rox

Awesome tribute!!

Rest in Peace you f**king legend!

Nikotina 90

great memories thanks ryan R.I.P

robert allen

thats beautiful ryan was an awsome guy im going to miss him alot


This is really tear-jerking , I must admit he was the coolest guy ever to watch, He was the ultimate jackass and will never be forgotten by anyone


love this. rip ryan dunn <3

Joey Szumelda

Rest In Peace Ryan


ryan dunn WATCH ryan dunn FULL VIDEO AT http://tinyurl.com/3sf7e5p


very nice Mat! sweet words

DeAnn Smith


Tiffany Modica

that was a really nice tribute, thank you guys for sharing all of your awesome memories with ryan, it's really nice to read them & know what an amazing guy he was, is.


This is still a shock to me man. He tought me some fuckin awesome pranks.


Requiescat in pace


Awesome tribute to Ryan...they have all made me cry. Great memories of a really great guy that is gone way too soon. You guys are all so special...your tributes just prove this...the brotherhood you have could be felt by your fans on screen as well. We love you all. RIP Ryan Dunn. Xoxo

Spike Chapman (BigZombieMonkey)

A great bit of reading there, I don't know how you guys are coping so well, I never knew him but I still can't believe he is gone.

My partner is not impressed atm as I'm still growing out my "Dunn beard" as it's now being referred to and it's coming a long great. I'll never be as cool as Dunn, not by a long shot but it's nice looking in the mirror right now and being reminded of someone who made me laugh until I literally had to run to the toilet before I pissed myself


Well said Mattf

marlon faraon

ryan dunn on top! hero and master of my generation

Jan Smotlacha

You gave me a sense of life,
A new chance to live.
It was a willingness from you,
You're not allowed to be with me.

And then you once said:
"Good-bye, leaving!"
You took my soul,
And the sad song are.

Everything you reminded me,
Gifts from you all.
It's like it never existed,
But your heart would not leave me,
Forget your world.

Sun zalívalo my tears,
And every day I ran out of breath.

What you want me to give,
I got right now.
Everyone was afraid of me,
My kiss would be your poison.

He took one look,
My heart revived.

You stood there before us,
And you asked about death,
Time to heal wounds tried,
But the meaning of life suffer heart stopped.

Did not recognize me.
I had changed.
It was not your fault.
You lost me at the moment
family when I was buried.

At your execution I stood,
She looked at you.
It's what I was afraid
Death from us to you.

In the heart of left a bad morning
And did not go to heal.
Then one morning,
I had to attack.

I was on a mission
As the main goal.
Their task hránit me was
I was killed by its forces.

All I wanted to again and again,
I was not his goal.
I was a trophy for a win,
I have already fulfilled their part.

His life might have to get rid of,
I knew at that time,
That at the time when you left,
Well you could lie.

And so one day,
my end had come.
Exit to eternal room
where you wait for me.

I was defeated,
silenced forever
And as the ashes scattered.


great tribute to ryan from all the guys, he was a great man and somebody i wish i could've met R.I.P DUNN x

Account Deleted

Un grande Ryan, todos sienten lo mismo por el, dejo grandes recuerdos, RIP, siempre te recordaremos como lo que fuiste, un grande

Julia D

A lovely Tribute for a genuinely lovely man X


Great memories. Thanks Matt R.I.P Dunn gone but never forgotten.


All of these posts are written out of your pain and sadness for losing a friend. But know that these tributes help us fans look at your friend as one of ours and to feel your pain as well. Beautiful! I hope more of you to do as you will see it helps with the pain to talk about your memories or special moments with Ryan. RIP Ryan Dunn


Gracias ryan por sacarme tantas risas. Leyenda en argentina. Descanza en paz


Ryan Dunn nunca saira de nossas memorias.

A little Girl Lost in Wonderland

We'll miss you Ryan.. :'(
Pest In Peace

Account Deleted


Account Deleted

I hav a lot of collection of Ryan Dunn video AT http://tinyurl.com/3sf7e5p

Danny Garrison

he made us all proud to be who we really should be, never ever be something ur not in loving memories of Ryan Dunn


Reading all of the tributes are amazing. You really get a sense of who Ryan really was and how much he meant to a lot of people. I've never met Ryan and just by reading these, I get a great sense of the awesomeness that was Ryan Dunn. "No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye, you were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why."

jim lind

Random hero is defiantly the words your loss was my loss and as As a fan a true fan I can honestly say every tribute I have read I feel. Its bizarre at how emotional I got as I read the news. Its as if I was there and felt the same way you guys do. Ryan (all you guys) have become such that its almost as if you are family. With the loss of Dunn I too feel that same sense of trajic loss hurt and desperation you all feel. Ryan Dunn will forever be young and will never dissipate from my memory. Thank you for sharing your lives with us.all my love and sympathy to Ryan's beloved Angie bam and all you guys. I know the sense of loss is enormous I too feel and have bouts with confusing emotion may we all find the peace we need to get past this tragidy. Thank you for hearing my words respectfully a fan Jim (bigslam) kind

Mark Medina

I know I never actualy knew him but I just had to get a tribute tattoo nd it says "Random Hero with/ the."Little Devil bmx Logo" in honor of the best Jackass that ever lived may he rest in peace nd we'll seem him in tha Jackass crew heads up..


Rest in Paradise, Ryann

Account Deleted

http://tinyurl.com/3sf7e5p i hav alot of collection memory videos of ryan

Account Deleted

Nice snap ... i lov Ryan ..i love this comedy video http://tinyurl.com/3sf7e5p


amazing words matt,thanks for sharing them with us

Kryn Susan



Wow no one else? He new they didn't need the landing ramp lol


God bless ya Ryan...thanks for a fitting tribute Mr Hoffman. I agree alot of the anger and sadness is at our own personal loss, I was moved by Steve 'O's message and how he said Ryan had said not to mourn him. That is a hard thing to do when we lose someone. You guys lost a close friend but Ryan's nature as a man came a cross in the film I saw of him and I think thats why us fans feel such a loss too.
God bless you guys, you have lost much more than us...may time ease your pain and may Ryans memory live in everyones hearts forever.

C Ringrose

Sad to know we only see someones worth when there no longer with us. "Don't know what ya got til its gone."

Samantha Lundström

So beautiful said everytime i´m reading this I´ll always cry but can´t!

jim lind

My last name is kind not kind so on a side note if you could please find out who invented autocorrect and kick them in the nuts for me

Account Deleted

i lov ryan dunn .. lov of comedy ... watch this comedy video http://bit.ly/jsrvfz


That's awesome. Thanks for sharing it.


we love you Ryan!!

Account Deleted

http://bit.ly/jsrvfz i lov this comedy video...

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