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June 29, 2011



Rest in peace, Ryan. All anyone can do now is take away that they're better for having known him. It's terribly sad, I actually can't not cry when I read these posts which is strange because I never even met the guy. The thing is you can see how much of a good person he was. How sweet and truthful he seemed, and how much love was felt for him by fans around the world and his friends and family at home. You guys were seriously lucky for having known a great guy like that.


tear the after life up ryan


I give my sincere heart felt sympathy to all of Ryan Dunn's family. Reading these tributes to Ryan really has put a "human" to the name. We may have watched him on TV but, the pain you all feel is for the "real" Ryan. Losing someone close is never easy, the pain lessons but will never go away. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Laura Z

So much heart in the Jackass family. It's been helpful to everyone who's missing Ryan to read these heartfelt posts.


Memories make me want to go back there, back there
All the memories make me want to go back there, back there
All the memories, how can we make it back there, back there
I want be there again.


thanks matt beautiful words thanks for share


love ya buddy... jackass will never be the same without you....I tried to watch it and remember the good times but it just made me cry although i never met you ive loved your crew of jackass's since the beginning and it really tore me up when i heard the news.....i think im still in shock I love you Ryan you'll always be my RANDOM HERO.......

kris the slim jim

i bloody shame hes gone he is a bloody legend. R.I.P dude

Account Deleted

http://bit.ly/jsrvfz i lov this comedy video...


Gracias Ryan, por habernos alegrado la vida!

Account Deleted

http://bit.ly/jsrvfz i lov this ryan dunn comedy video...


that was nice it really sucks that he passed away now we cnt hear the "what the fuck bam!"but he will be missed



RIP ryan


once again, very awesome memories

Felipe Eyzaguirre

Un abrazo desde Chile... Aqui tambien se siente la perdida de Random Hero, un abrazo a toda la familia de quien nos trajo tantas alegrias

A hug from Chile ... Here feels too the loss of Random Hero, a hug for all the family who brought us many joys


I miss him :( didn't know him personally, but J.A. Will never be the same. Blessed be, to all friends and family of his.

Account Deleted

http://bit.ly/jsrvfz i lov this comedy video... Watch it ....

Account Deleted

http://bit.ly/jsrvfz i lov this comedy video... Watch this....

Ronda O'Brien

I have followed u all from the very begining and have watched every last show and all he spin offs you all have done or helped produced... and now sadly I have been reading all the memorials and they are all brought tears to my eyes because I can feel he pain of all you loosing a piece to this puzzle you all have made/ put together. I know I didn't know him or any of you ... but its weird how after so many years of watching you all and waiting for a season premiere or a movie premiere its like you guys literally became a part of my life and its. Very heart wrenching to know it wont ever be the same! You guys are totally gnarly and I hope nothing best for you all, and you know ryann is probably up there thinking of a bunch of memorial stunts to do for him! I know its hard but it will get a lil easier each day cause u get that much closer to seeing him! To your not so oridinary hero... ryan dunn may u rest in peace or stuntin' while u are sleeping ... and to the whole jackass crew much love from a girl that adores you guys and my ut most condolences


i am truly touched to see almost everyday a letter from all of you sharing your memories i did not know him personally but as a fan and watching you all perform stunts you grow close although might sound crazy lol but this is a part of grieving and i think its a beautiful way to keep his memory alive you all who have wrote soo far have done a wonderful job in sharing but not just amongst your selfs but with the world that is aprt of this fan page and thankyou to all of you for that for letting us all be a part of those memories heres a lil something for you all
Dear Family,and Friends

I just wanted to let you know that I made it home. The journey wasn't an easy one, but it didn't take to long. Everything is so pretty here, so white, so fresh and new. I wish that you could close your eyes and that you could see it too.

Please try not to be sad for me. Try to understand...God is taking care of me...I'm in the shelter of his hands. Here there is no sadness, no sorrow, and no pain. Here there is no crying and I'll never hurt again.

Here it is so peaceful when all the angels sing. I really have to go for now...I've just got to try my wings.

Account Deleted

http://tiny.cc/1rcif wattch this comedian famous video..


great memories thanks ryan R.I.P
rest in peace bro


we all miss you


well we will miss your ass rayan


Damn straight Matt. Ryan seemed very animated for a human being, and that's part of why we all loved him so much. "I would never know this elevated state of cool, calm and collectiveness in the midst of complete anarchic ridiculousness," sounds like how I am. We will never forget Ryan!


Wow! Bought a tear to my eye that did Mat. Really appreciating all the personal stories so us fans can feel like we knew the real Ryan and not just 'Jackass' Ryan. Gutted when I heard the news, so cant even begin to imagine how u guys are feeling. Keep the stories coming, keep Ryan's memory alive and stay strong dudes. R.I.P Ryan Dunn, in my house in the UK, we love u Man. x x x

Randy Craven

Hero's get remembered, but legends never die!! You will still live in everyone hearts Ryan!!


wir werden dich vermissen....jackass 4ever


Ryan ur my hero alone with Jon I've always wonted to be apart of jackass I did my own stunts when I was young still do


I love you Ryan Dunn i hope you can have fun in hevin. RIP :( :( :( :( we will miss you for ever


I still can't believe he's gone I grow up watching him. You will be missed by millons. R.I.P

Emma Trussell

What a lovely tribute. This just goes to show how well loved Ryan was and still is.


I always used to say "Ryan Dunn" when I finished doing something, and I will always remember him because he showed me, he showed us the definition of funny. Ryan was a great lad, and he will never be forgotten. RIP Ryan


I miss him already. ):

jackie murphy

Wonderful tribute...all my love n prayers go out to those who mourn....family friends..
.im so sorry for ur loss!


Made me tear love this

suzi smith

I always liked Ryan's reluctant enthusiasm whenever he was asked to do anything. It made it more funny to watch.Whether he was getting his ass kicked by a girl or landing on some cactus/cacti, his witty remarks and dead pan humour always made me laugh.One of a kind! Thanks for sharing your memories.


I have continued to check in on the dickhouse site to hear Dunn's brother's talk about how great he was. Although, I personally have never known this wonderful person it makes me so sad to see all his brothers in so much pain. This should have never happened and I am sorry for every single one of you. Know that Dunn is in the clouds above being your guardian angels as you all continue to produce you art. My thoughts and prayer's are with each and everyone of you boy. Stay safe and learn from this because as I said before I do not know Ryan but I am sure he would want each and every one of you to learn from this tragedy. God Bless Jackass with love


Although i did not know you in person
you have always been a fav in my house hold
so sorry to all friends and family
thoughts and prayers go out with everyone
love from central alabama
p.s. yall still rock even though ryan isnt
physically there with yall
he is always watching yall

Mandy Dahmer Ellerbusch

Ryan u will be missed. One of the great ones gone 2 soon. RIP!!


I miss my Random Hero. Thanks for writing these tributes, guys. It's really awesome to see the love you all share.


thats so wonderfull from Matt ! :)
R.I.P Ryan <3


Haberi tv'de gördüğümde şok oldum... Birkaç kez izlediğim jackass serisinde Ryan dunn'un tavrı ve espiri anlayışı fazlaca dikkatimi çekmişti. Sevecen biriydi. Ölümü ona yakıştıramadım. Huzur içinde yatsın.

halie long

I'm gonna miss ryan ilove u so much I l say a preyer to hill us from this payn in side!!!!!!;-)HALIE LONG TEXAS MERTZON

carl mason

heavens got a stunt man ryan live on my son peace xx


Ryan Dunn you were an inspiration to us all, as the stories and memories of the jackass family clearly show. You inspired so many people you never even met in such a good way, you will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and love go to your family and friends at this difficult time. We all love you buddy, R.I.P


aww that was awsome he touched so many people every day of his life and so many people looked up to him, i wish i could have met him.


Descansa ryann eres un icono Q.P.D ahora te toca hacer reir alos del cielo te recordare siempre saludos

Kyle Stevens

hopefullly peeople never forget the power your frineds can give you or the smiles they allways seem too bring you. Matt, thank you for sharing, we will never forgot Dunns Awesomness. be at peace brother.

S(cKY)lar K.

since cky dunn has been my favourite of both the cky and jackass families. will jackass lose its spark and excitement? no, dunn will live on throughout all of them for the rest of their lives. r.i.p. cap'n undies

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