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June 30, 2011



how lovely, we all miss you lots Ryan x


R.I.P !!


very sweet! RIP DUNN!


Great post, Ehren. :) Be well.

Patrícia Pataky

<3 :( RIP


best article we love ryan

Virgilio Nobrega

I was lucky enough to See a part of his life Was A "Jackass" Caracter And I Must Say, He Was One Of The Most Funny Guys On The Movies... R.I.P Ryan Dunn

Jose Gonzalez

He will dearly be missed. R.I.P Ryan Dunn Jackass 4 Life!


R.I.P u truly we're a hero!!!

Steve-o Schulz

oh no. R.I.P you are the best <3


Miss you Digga,i´m a big germAN FAN
Its Hurts


R.I.P. Dunn
We will never forget you!

CrazyHell Strachan

Lovage To The Dunnage <3 x

bad motherfucker

crazy mfucker..


he aint dead just hit the play button on your dvd's yall, he still will live on in my eyes!

Michael Gockel

Why does he died?
R.I.P Ryan Dunn
best greetíngs from germany...


They say that speaking the name of the ones that are gone will keep them alive.
Ryan will live on forever through you guys and through us the fans who didn't know him, but knew him so well. We all miss you Ryan!


that was a wonderful statement to say about a man who made everyone laugh. even though i have never met ryan, i would watch jack ass and viva la bam and laugh at just how funny he actually was. RIP ryan :(


Ryan R.I.P :(

Julie Swain

Wonderful words, I admit it hit me like a kick in the guts when the news reached, I can't imagine how the guys feel, its impossible. I just still can't believe it, hugs to the guys family close friends, which I think goes togeather. Fans of Jackass! (My father, brother and I) send our
deepest sympathies x

Julie Swain


mahal ka namin pareng ryan...kita-kita nalang tayo jn...


HE IS THE BeST GUY !!!!!!!! 4ever

Marius Eriksen

Ryan was thebest of Jackass

Mark Dean

Ryan Dunn was the back bone of laughter all of you guys were in your own right's. He had a way of laughing wich was compleatly contagious. He will be missed. My condolences go out to his family and friends. Rest in peace Ryan Dunn may your laughter carry you on the wins of angels. Ciao

Luke W.

We will miss you man, and we all thank everyone who was wrote something for him with they´re kind,generous and respectful words for Ryan, I´m sure that he will read them and respect you for them.

RIP Ryan Dunn,
A legend and will live on for years to come.

Jürgen Wierling

Ryan ich vermiss dich auch ,du bist der hammer ,Ruhe in Frieden ,Ryan dunn are the best !!

Enzo Van Buggenhout

danger let us all see ryan was a verry happy and funny person
we all miss him
we all gonna never forgot him!!


I'd like to thank you for sharing all of these wonderful stories with us. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the jackass crew and especially to the families and friends of Ryan as well as Zach. Thanks Ryan, for the many times you have made us laugh. Rest in peace.

“Erinnerung ist das einzige Paradies, woraus wir nicht vertrieben werden können./Memories are the only paradise from which we cannot be expelled." (Jean Paul)

i have no name

the best tribute i've ever read :) rip ryan&zach

suzi smith

When someone in your life inpsires you to be a better person,that's a great gift from them to you. And to have the ability to make people laugh (me being one of those people) is a great gift too.
A lovely tribute to your friend, thanks for sharing that with us.

frankie S

I know its said news that Ryan Dunn passed away but no one talks about the friend who happend to be in the car with him, a friend who happened to be a in the army and who had served 2 tours in Iraq and had just recently gotten married...


I just love the Jackass crew & Dunn was ALWAYS my fave!!! Still cannot believe he has left us but at least folks in heaven are having a chuckle whilst he "Rocky"'s an unsuspecting Jesus.....I'm sure he'll forgive him and have a laugh too!!!! Far too young to depart us but as mentioned above, at least I have ALL the DVD's/Blu-Ray's to watch over & over & over again.......And you know I will!!!!! Australia misses you Buddy!!!!

Ryan Stansbury

Stay strong Ehren. I actually got privilege to meet Ryan on the Dunn and Vito rock tour. What can I say, he was a hell of a Guy. I've never met anyone so down to earth and willing to do whatever he could to meet everyone in the place. He was a awesome person. This is a big impact on some friends of mine and also me, for the simple fact that we would go skateboarding and then it would turn into us filming stunts inspired by you guys.

Random hero lives on forever

Hang in there bud



R.I.P :'(:'(

Account Deleted

Ryan Is a great comodian i lov this comedy video http://tinyurl.com/3sf7e5p http://tinyurl.com/3sf7e5p

Mira, Czech Rep.

Very nice text. R.I.P :(


R.I.P RYAN!!! we willl all misss u. jackass wont be the same without u man

Account Deleted

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Account Deleted

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Account Deleted

ryan dunn Burns his Underwear... http://bit.ly/jsrvfz i love this video ..


"They say they grew up watching us and laughing there asses off, and that is exactly what Ryan did. He inspired a generation to be free, have fun, and laugh."

That is so true you guys and Ryan basically were my childhood. My friends and me were impersonating you 10 years ago and I live far far away in germany so you get an idea on what kind of impact you had and still have on so many people...

Keep your head up.

RIP Ryan Dunn.

Account Deleted

Ryan dunn Will Create His Own Condoms http://bit.ly/jsrvfz

Ivo Popovic

R.I.P from Germany Ryan Dunn


:( its sad know he not here no more R.I.P ryan dunn miss you. And seeing everone that have store to tell on memory for ryan is really awesome! And I well read everyones post.

Account Deleted

Ryan dunn Bieber Drinking Alcohal – Exposed Photo... http://bit.ly/jsrvfz

Account Deleted

Ryan dunn and LAdy gaga Topless on Bed – Pho... http://bit.ly/jsrvfz


I just wanted to say that I love the jackass films and can see you are all a really close knit family and I want to give you all my sincere love, because its hard what you are going through. Ryan Dunn was an amazing man, and all of you are amazing people to be so brave and write your tributes to him and his memory. You are all amazing people and Ryan will be missed very much by you and all of the jackass fans. I love you all and I will truly miss you Ryan x

adriana salinas

cuanto lo sentimos psss Ryan era es y sera siempre dicno de ser ....que este donde este sera siempre Ryan un carajo que siempre valio la pena ....


R.I.P Ryan Dunn


"I was lucky enough to have been a part of his life, watching him go from a spiky, blonde-haired kid to the grizzly bear of a man he became, and I am thankful for that every day."

Totally wrecked me. Great remembrances by Danger <3

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