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June 20, 2011



I've never been this upset over someone I've never met dying. I feel like it was one of my close friends in that car...


He is with god


R.I.P Ryan !

Mike Sanderson

Tommy I'm with you, I was in tears man :(


RIP Ryan Dunn :( you will be missed !you were such an amazing man ! we all love & miss you - i always was a true fan of you and the jackass crew ! we will never forget you!


Rest In Peace Ryan. You'll be truely missed.


i feel sorry for you guys, i cant imagine how shit this is for you, i'm saddened by it and i never even met the guy, but i know he was an awesome person, at least you guys were fortunate enough to get to know someone like Ryan


Ryan made me laugh more times than I can count. My heart goes out to your friends and your family. This is a terribly shocking and sad day:(


God bless all affected by his passing.

Travis K

One of my favorites of the bunch. RIP Dunn


RIP ryan dunn

elliott fox

damn RIP dunn he was hilarious on bams radio show last week..watch his new show on g4tv


Too much to take in. Dunn was one of my biggest influences back in the CKY days and continued to influence til this day. He will be missed but never forgotten.
R.I.P. Random Hero aka Plugs aka Ryan Dunn

C Atkins

Thank you for all the laughs. You will be remembered daily.


I know how much of a loss this is, but from what I have seen of your movies and shows, Dunn lived life well and hopefully happy. RIP Ryan Dunn!

Account Deleted

No No No No!!!! Jackass will never be the same



I'm just happy he died after a night of partying, his last night of life was spent having fun :')

Gabriel Ferrão da Cunha

He'll be forever missed. Stay strong, dudes.


i'm still in shock!!my thoughts are with his family and friends at this very sad time 8( x0x0x0x0xxx


he will be missed by many


stay strong jackass family. RIP Dunn

omar escobeod

man im bumed


I have never be so sad today my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and the Jackass family you will be miss dunn Xoxo

Juliana Lemes

for sure, we will always loving you Ryan! Rest in peace.

Mike van der Sanden

Just watched the third movie last night 02:00 (am/CET) and almost pissed myself from laughing. I cant laugh now , this is a great loss. Take care Ryan !

It will never be the same without you !

Greetz from a dutch fan living in Sweden wherever you are right now.


He will be missed by so many people! I haven't stopped thinking about him since I found out. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.


I feel like one member of my family has passed away, you will always be remembered, Rest In Peace, and may god watch over you...


es muy triste! como fan desde Mexico mando mis condolencias a la familia de Ryan.


R.I.P Ryan
we'll never forget you! :(


Ive been crying all this morning, ive been so heartbroken! I love ryan dunn!!!!! <3 he will never be forgotten! <333


Bye Ryan, died young.


Such sad news, its heartbreaking. Earth has lost Ryan but heaven has gained an angel. R.I.P Ryan - You will be so dearly missed and never forgotten.

Natália from Brazil

I'm really sorry for ur lost, we in Brazil loved him so much, and my heart is crying, but now he became an angel and always be watching us, stay strong guys, i'm really really sorry, he was so funny, i don't believed that happened, i love you guys so much, i pray for all of you and for Ryan Dunn. x

Account Deleted

I can't believe in this.We were just watching Jackass 2 with friends and today...We will remember and miss Ryan forever.Hold on,guys


Rest In Peace Ryan !

Account Deleted

Wherever you're going, be ok. I love you so much and I'll miss you. Rest in peace, Dunn.


he will be missed forever!!! :( my love<3


Rest In Peace Ryan May god Bless your Loved ones and Your Family

Love and condolences From Mark & Shoela London U.K.

Seba Christiansen

Grande!! seguirás haciendo tus locuras en el otro mundo =)

becky chandler

r.i.p dunn u will alway's be remembered


RIP Ryan, you will be missed by so many. My thoughts are with everyone at Dickhouse and to his family.

Paige Evans

FUCK! i am in tears. Have been since i heard.. ;'(

Shawn Sias

This is so sad. RIP Dunn. You will be sorely missed
So long to the last Random Hero


I am so sad about this, I have been crying off and on since I first heard about this. He was my favorite Jackass, since the very beginning, I hope he rests in peace and his family and friends can get through this tough time.


He will be missed, but never forgotten, everything from "The poo dive" to making Mario cart real. You cant help but feel the loss. But I will always remember Dunn just being Dunn.....A true Jackass and a really funny guy.


Complete legend! They always die too young....completely gutted.

Georgia Noble

well at least he won't get hurt in heaven, he can do all the stunts he wants, Rest In Peace random hero :'(


This is the saddest news i have received all year, it was only this weekend that i sat with my friends and watched Jackass 3.5 on repeat. Its so tragic that he has been taken from us. Rest in peace my man.

Giselle M.

RIP Ryan Dunn♥! U will FOREVER be remembered!!!! :,(


Rest in Paradise Ryan Dunn... You truly were my Random Hero <3
You were one of the Beauties in this world! My love goes out to all the Jackass crew, your friends, family and of course Angie!!

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