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June 20, 2011



truly a sad day for all...his presence will be truly missed...just the sweetest little buttercup...and he truly had the best damn hair of the bunch...see you in the next life Mr. Dunn.


From south america, Venezuela, we would like to offer our condolences to the Jackass family and his friends, we laugh(ed) hard at all team Jackass stunts, and surely Ryan's stunts will be remembered with joy, big hug to you all.

Descansa en paz, Ryan!

Johnny Knoxville

this is tough stuff indeed but to read all your sentiments warms my broken heart. thank you and sincerely,knoxville

Jonathan Hernandea

He will be missed...i will miss his stunts...and the only time i can only see him again is in Jackass and the movies and Viva La Bam.....RIP RYAN DUNN


RIP Ryan. He will be thoroughly missed by everyone and never forgotten.


R.I.P Ryan.
You will be missed so much.
Thank you for making me laugh <3
Thinking of all the Jackass guys and family. Saddest day ever :(


RIP Ryan.

Sorry guys. My heart goes out to all of you.:(


As soon as I heard, I started crying. I can't believe he is gone. He was and still is my favorite Jackass member. Even though I love you all! I can't believe it... :'( :'( :'(


Rest in peace ryan, from chile

Israel Roxo Sampaio

Nunca fiquei tão triste,mas sempre vamos lembrar de você #RyanDunn

Dos Fãs do Brasil!


Q.E.P.D Ryan Dunn

Pablo from Argentina.


I'm crying... R.I.P our awesome Random Hero! ♥


Random Hero is gone, but it felt just like I lost one of my relatives...
May he rest in peace, peace made of party and fun !

We'll try to make a little tribute to him tommorrow, at some gig


fucking sad, rest in peace wherever you are bro


RIP Ryan, you leave us with nothing but happy memories and you will be missed. My love and thoughts are with everyone affected by his loss.


Luto Eterno!


Rest in peace,you ramdom hero.
You were awesome. You're STILL awesome. somewhere..

Natália from Brazil



Just cant believe the news, its so sad :( my thoughts are with Ryan's family, friends, the CKY crew and the whole Jackass family. RIP Ryan Dunn you will be missed.


I'm so sorry for your loss. Jackass will never be the same without him. He had a great sense of humor even when he completely failed at his stunts. Him and ba@rickkosick @iamweeman @BAM__MARGERA @daveenglandshit @realjknoxville @SteveO im sorry 4 ur loss! virtual hugs 2 u guys! :'( <3 m were obviously good friends and he was really loved by his fans. Not to mention that sweet beard lol. <3 I still can't believe it....

claire newall

soo upset !!


Aww man /: R.I.P Ryan. You will be missed /:(

Becky Phillips

I'm so sorry this happened. Even tho Ryan can't participate in the hijinks physically, no doubt he'll be there with you all in spirit. Much love guys!

Adam Talley

The best. My heart is aching for his friends and family. Been thinking about him all day. Immortalized in film forever. At least we have the memories. Rest sir.


Rest in peace, Ryan. You were the greatest and funniest. We'll all miss you.


RIP Dunn. I never had the pleasure of meeting you in person, but I know that I am not the only one who feels like I "know" you from the 10+ years you have kept me laughing. Much love to your family, friends, and the rest of the Jackass crew.


surly sod was never nay good at driving :') he almost totaled knoxville in that golf cart, f**k this is hard :'( you'll be missed dunn, i'll grow my beard out for ya. Rest in peace


I couldn't stop crying after I found out....funny, you don't know someone personally but you feel like you do after watching them for so long...Sadness and horror at how both Ryan and his passenger died. My deepest and most heartfelt to all those whom he loved and who loved him.

Janiene Tuinman

as i came home today from school around 2:45, my sister opens the door & says, "Ryan Dunn passed away from a car wreck this morning" . hey Knoxville, you're right, thats pretty damn tough to write . i can not believe this, im so shocked right now, i just i dunn . me (Janiene) & as well as Cheyenne Hedley & my sister Johnna Tuinman (West Haven, CT) send all of our love and support to everyone of the Jackass crew & Dunn's family .
love, Daughters of Jackass, Cheyenne (founder), Janiene, & Johnna .
p.s.- twitter: @DOJ11

Stacey Griffin

RIP Ryan Dunn!! Thank You for all the laughs you have given to me. Your smile will never be forgotten. And your laugh will always be heard. We love you!!


R.I.P. Ryan Dunn you were awsome on the jackass show all my prayers go out to all the jackass fans and family and the crew you will be truely missed We all love you. Nickole a true jackass fan

wendy te pas

it feels like if i lost one of my friends or family member.
i will never forget you.
when i read it i was broken i´m still crying

may god bless you all
family friends and the cast and crew of jackass


Damn Ryan. Random heavenly Hero. Much love to the Jackass Family. Too sad to type anymore.


Even my grand grand grand grand children gonna know him... he is gonna live forever! condolences to his family from Martin, Macedonia


Wow, heart breaking. I am truly saddened by this news. I couldn't believe my eyes when my CNN alert came through regarding his death this morning... My heart goes out to everyone close to him. RIP Ryan!


We love u Ryan! RIP

Антон Ерёмин


eric gross

RIP random hero...u will be missed

mike clark

R.I.P Ryan Dunn we will miss you


rip dunn. we lost one of the best from the jackass/cky family.


This is heartbreaking. I listened to "Memories" today and I shed a few tears. Jackass will never be the same without him.


R.I.P Random Hero :( Why is life so fucking unfair! You'll be greatly missed. Deepest condolences going out to all family and friends at this tough time. Hope you're in a better place now Dunn :) xx


Safe journey Ryan. We miss you

Savannah Wilson

I only ever met Ryan once, but I remember him being one of the sweetest and funniest guys I ever met. R.I.P. Dunn, you were always one of my heroes. My heart goes out to you all, but he will always be alive if we remember him as so in our memories and prayers. <3


:( Watching all the Jackass movies today. My condolences to his loved ones. It's never easy to lose someone so unexpectedly. I appreciate all the laughter I've had because he lived. Thanks so much!


So fucking sad..

Kayla M. Abbott

I don't even want to believe it. This hurts.

RIP Ryan Dunn. I might not have known you personally, but I miss you already.


great lad . you ll be missed Ryan x


RIP Dunn


My thoughts and love go out to Ryan's family & friends. Jackass will never be the same. R.I.P Ryan - you will be greatly missed by all!

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