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June 26, 2011


megan wolstenholme

so true that he should also be commmemorated. Thankyou

Laura Z

A life lost that was no less important... prayers going out for his loved ones as well. Good on ya, Jeff...

Nikotina 90

R.I.P brother by TheCrzyWild crew


RIP for them.


bye Zach, you seemed like an awesome person. RIP


RIP Ryan Dunn & Zach Hartwell

annemarie (IRL)

Great and funny memories to have Jeff! Didnt know much about him but Im sure he was great guy! RIP Zach!


A sad ending for the both of them. Condolences.


dang ! zach seems freakin hard-core (: r.i.p


Well said, R.I.P Zachary Hartwell- R.I.P Ryan Dunn xoxo


Most of us didn't know Zachary, but he seemed like a stand up guy.

Though they aren't with us anymore, their memories keeps them alive. As long as people remember Jackass, we will honor them.

It's a sad end to an epic chapter, but this isn't the end of the book.

Rest in Peace Ryan and Zachary, random heros.

Elizabeth Egers

People forget their is another set of family & friends mourning as well. Godspeed to this young man family & friends. I hope him & Ryan are at peace together!

Godspeed to all the Jackass crew & family. Hearing about Ryan's death was emotional for all the Jackass fans. I think we all feel like we know you guys. And as stramge as it sounds we feel as if we have lost a good friend.
RIP Ryan & Zach!

Matthew Lake

We all feel like we lost a friend! Ryan and Zack will be missed by the whole Dub C family... R.I.P.....


RIP Zach, hope you and Ryan are having a blast up there together x


Thank you for doing this, Jeff. It's nice to have a glimpse of what kind of guy Zach was so we can all honor his memory, as well.


I agree with Lauren. It was very nice. It's so sad we had to lose them.


R.I.P :'(

Adrian Sgura

Descansa En paz Ryan! (L)

tony vanatta

zach you made roflmao so many times you will be missed much


Descansa em paz , RYAN! R.I.P



Jessicasapp Fisher

I am so sorry for your losses, they were great people. I didn't know either of them personally, but i am a huge fan. I hope the best for their families and friends. R.I.P Both of you guys. I wish god had chosen to let you two say with us a little longer.


RIP Zach and Ryan

Christian Nazaruk

R.I.P. Ryan And Zach....


RIP ='(


Zach sounds like a brave, great, funny, sick & twisted man who fit right in & will me missed...

Carlos rodriguez

We will all miss you Ryan Dunn R.I.P


RIP Zach and Ryan


That was really sweet of you to remember Zack. Rest in peace Zack and Ryan.


It is important to remember two lives were lost.
It is tragic, and regrettable.
Rest in peace gorgeous boys. We'll miss you.
No, we already miss you so much.


RIP Zachary Hartwell.....


rip ryan and zach. u will both be missed.

Chris Topher

this entire event just plain sucks. there's so many douches, cunts and assholes out there who would not be missed in the least. RIP - dunn's beard was legend !


I loved the series also love ryan and zach sounds like one hell of a guy, my heart goes to your friends and family, may your souls rest in the heavens in tranquality


Por que pessoas alegres sempre vão...

Andy Williams - London England

God Bless


We did'nt know Zach as well as we did Ryan but these guys made good entertainment for all us folks out here in the world. I am from Margate, England and have always found Jackass a must see in my life because of it's outstanding cast and hilarity. My heart goes out to these outstanding guys, family and close friends such as Bam and all the Jackass crew. R.I.P RYAN DUNN & ZACHARY HARTWELL you will be missed greatly x


RIP!!! We will miss your wild ass!! :)


r.i.p the two of u give then hell up there in heaven

michael brewington

RIP !!! Yall will be missed

Rebecca oneil

Yes please remember this was devastating for 2 young men and thier family and friends. Greatly missed and loved by many fans.


rip ryan and zack to cool dudes now are in heaven pissing other people off. we miss the both of them.. jackass forever.

Debbie stojak

RIP Ryan and Zach. Thanks for the stories and the acknowledgment that two fatalities in this tragicty.Thoughts with all the families and friends. May you find peace in time

Rick S

Not only was Ryan an awesome human being and funnier than shit but he knew how to pick amazing people as friends. Thanx Jeff for giving us a glimpse at who Zach was. I mean we knew he was an American hero but this shows a side of him we didn't know. It sounds like he fit right in with all u sick fucks. RIP Ryan and Zach.


Forever Missed

stacy strickland

"if i leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me" (lynard skynard) rip in peace ryan and zach. my heart goes out to all of them. it is so incredibly sad, and painful. i have vowed not to go to youtube to see anymore interviews. i seen bam, and i started crying uncontrollably, i have been there 3yrs ago with my bff; we knew each other since middle school. i don't think it is right. they deserve their privacy to grieve without a camera stuck in front of their face. it just breaks my heart. my hope is that dealing with their loss, they don't engage in self-destructive behavior. it will not bring back ryan, or zach. i urge anyone who goes out somewhere that they are going to drink; call a cab, or designate a driver to be sober. it is a tragedy that shouldn't have happend. I love all of you,remind each other each day how loved,unique, and special each are to one another. you never get over losing someone, but you find a away to make your peace with it, and realize ryan and zach live on in all of you. someday, you will think of them and smile; and your lives have been touched by ryan and zach, may they rest in peace.


"I obviously didn’t know Zach as well as I did Ryan Dunn" what the fuck is wrong with you, why wold you say these things about Zac!!! you piece of shit.. no one wants to remember him in this way!!!! geta life jeff tremaain piece of poo... you know nothing about him and your stories are only to justify you as being an asshole!


Very nice!


im growing a Dunn beard, unfortunately my beard takes at least a month to not look like pubes and probably another six months to thicken out so I am retreating to the cave complete with all viva la bam series, cky, jackass, wild boyz, unholy union and every thing else related to the jackass family. love lads, we loved you as fans, we miss you like family. peace.


they're together planning some nice little pranks on the rest of you guys.. look out.. pee from Heaven! (sheesh I hope not poo )

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