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August 17, 2011



Cant wait!! I live Rob!! :)


Sorry, but I'd rather watch my Jackass boys instead a bunch of 15 year olds and pussy Rob Dyrdek.


Seriously gonna be a pile of crap. I have lost some faith in dickhouse forever....


It'll be good. But make a Jackass 4.


Tosh.0 imitation.


It should be called: Rob Dydrek Ripping Off of Tosh.0


the difference between tosh.o and rob is that tosh sucks and rob doesn't . really guy's tosh .o sucks ass and rob is entertaining


Can not wait to see this. I love Rob


@j u mad bro?


I'm a fan of dyrdek, but Tosh.0 is way funnier.


People have led rob to believe he can do anything. The show makes rob look desperate, and not funny. Stick to skating.

suzi smith

Can't watch the video,not available :(

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i like rob but hes just not funny. stay out of the entertainment business. daniel, stay in :)


Rob dyrdick id a fucking lame milky ass califo rnia dickhead.seriously come to boston w that wigga shit get shanked. Frontin ass slave owning dc rocki.g 12yr old looking ass poser

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