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August 03, 2011


Tom Davies

He looks like a proper deviant


Love it!!!!!! VIVA LA BAM

Claudia DiMeglio

omg.. Can i please just kiss you... just once.. I live in philly.. we can meet up somewhere. lmao

Norman Thompson

Legends, all of you are Legends!! The UK Loves you all!! (bit gay but you get the point)

Chimmy Sista

lo mas lindo del mundo es bam loveeee


sweet bam ur a lad




Nice lol love the show guys BAM you gonna get your self killed one day playing with cannon balls &stealing monstertrucks


Grrrrrr man

Phil Reed

Did Kat do the Ink?

yours truely

you look like a douche/
glad your all happy while your friend is dead. lol now that entertainment


LE BAMM!! Yous so fucking hot;DD xxxxxx<3<3<3

Tim-heathyr Fetters

LMAO...He kinda resembles a Chucky Doll....lol


I like <3'

Account Deleted

he is so cute.. but you........ you're so much cute, beautiful, delicious.


The tattoo said: Professional Pyla Shit ;)

Account Deleted

you (johnny, of course ) rs

agnes radosz

All i gota say is i love all of you, i was greatly saddened by ryans death but cnt wait to c more frm you!!! Big fan!

stephen nimmo

@yours truely go fuck urself. glad ur back bam, hope to see more of your foolishness!

Joanna Benert

viva la bam you are so awesome man!!!!!!!!!!!!


From da N.O.Rip Dunn and Jackass lives on...fuck dem haters!


@Phil Reed, pretty sure you are the douche. and a fuckwad. got nothing to do with you, and everyone grieves in their own way. who the fuck are u to judge someones else's loss. fuckwad.




so bams face with his mouth open is just hanging on the wall in the bathroom? Awesome.


So.. in the bathroom you can piss on Bam, Weeman and Steve-O? AWESOME!


Sorry...Bam looks like hell.... I hear he's still having a hard time. Love ya Bam...

Tracey Sovine

My favorite tattoo of Bam's is his "Dilligaf" tattoo :)


Yours truely : STUPID


Glad to see Bam doing well, big fan. Life MUST go on : )All the best. Jackass 4.

Johnny Knoxville

Good old bam

Pj Cox

Best luck to the Jackass Crew,HUGE FAN!
And to you mother fuckers on here talking shit,I hope your mothers are anally raped by a german shepherd. Ty and Good Day!

Cameron Alysse

True Jackass fan here ^^^ <3 Steve-O


Bam's eyes don't look so full of childish wonder and mischief and any more...


Yours truely: Go shit in your hand.

Seriously. What could possibly be the point of that, you asshat?

I still just want to hug Bam. I love him, but he looks like hell. (Understandably.)


No mention of the Ryan Dunn tattoo that Bam got? I'd like a picture of that one on here more than the "Professional Pyla Shit" one. Ah well.

Bam does look like hell, but give the man a break. He just lost his best friend. And anyone who says he still isn't grieving just needs to look in his eyes. Hang in there, Bam. We love ya.


I want Viva La Bam back!!!!
I love Bam, he is a sweetheart. I feel so bad that he lost his best friend. Hang in there Bam you will see him again one day. (Hopefully not anytime soon)

Jodie webb

Professional pyla shit


he's aged a lot:(we love you Bam<3


He's so sexy...


Poland is pround of BAm!!!


I personally think that he does not look like hell and that he is still lookin' pretty damn good. Love you Bam. <3 Glad to see you're getting back on your toes.


nice note, Knoxville. i'm just wondering how Bam lost the roundness of his eyes.


I'm surprise the new tattoo on his shoulder wasn't mentioned... the one of Dunn! It's very sweet, like a little angel sat on Bam's shoulder. Keep strong Bam! Looking forward to seeing this Dunn tribute special thing! Why didn't Bam do a 'In memory of Ryan' post too?
Anyway, I'd love to step into the Dickhouse office one day. Thats my dream!


Very LOL ;D
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im from campbell river wanna givver hahahaha lmao!! love you guys!!


Bam & Johnny-I <3 you! You 2 are my favs in Jackass! :D
Did anyone else notice that Bam wears the same little "over-coat" as in the photo behind him? x

Roger Mendez

I see everyone else on here saying shit like, "Bams cute" And "Bams awesome" and blah blah blah all that stupid shit people yell at him everyday, Im gonna be honest Bam, you look like shit. I mean your the homie bam, always, ive been a fan since you were still broke, but i gotta say, in the last couple months you been lookin more and more like i big ol pile of poo. Watch what you eat, quit drinkin so much, and no more music videos, its kinda lame, your better than that. Knoxville, kisk him in his ass, I know your boys gone, but theres still plenty of people who care. your surrounded by friends.Good day sir.



Leni Chr



I´m glad to see ya this way. :)

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