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September 07, 2011



hehe ok, Dave England is pretty funny. Ehren is not though.


They're all funny man, just your sense of humor sucks camel dicks.


^ What he said.

Kcuf Cixelsid

Ehren should be booted. Piss poor comedy, weak stunts


It was very funny, but bless yalls heart posting at seven am!

A Facebook User

Excelente video..!


That was so Awesome!!!!

A Facebook User

Loved it!


So fuckin funny + awesome + badass hahahha


haha funny :) and leave ehren alone, there would be no jackass 2 ending without him!! that was priceless

Nikotina 90

Fuck yeah man!!!

daniel dewey

Hell ya! You guys never fail to bring a smile on even the worst days thanks for always bringing it, whatever you do!


They are FUCKING awesome <3


A jackass nerd asks... what else different is there in the Japanese theatrical version(s) of the movie(s)?


Ehren is fine, I don't know why some of you dislike him much. He did a lot for Jackass 3D. Thanks for putting up more videos lately.


Whats wrong with ehren? He's my favorite! They're all awesome. :) Great video! hahaha


Good stuff.

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Ich finde, dass gerade das beutsswe Scheitern zu der hf6chsten Kunst gehf6rt, die ein Mensch, nicht nur ein Politiker lernen kann. Es zeugt von viel Selbstsicherheit zu sagen, dass etwas nicht gelingt, denn dann muss man etwas neues beginnen und das kf6nnen nur wenige freiwillig. (M.M.)


I wandered aonurd some old posts, wondering where to stick this brief recommendation of a Rickles documentary (Mr. Warmth) that I enjoyed the hell out of. And, while some of our debates about Sarah Silverman and the new hip deployment of racism seem to fit, this very smart (ahem) debate about the difference between jackasses and assholes seemed pertinent. Cause Rickles fucks it up. He seems to be an asshole. And a very funny asshole.This doc is a little fuzzy in its central focus: it's got boatloads of admiring talking heads, often quite funny, and including Sarah Silverman who claims that, since she grew up in mostly-white and -WASPy New Hampshire, she had to learn about blacks and Asians from Don Rickles a very funny, brief bit. Sometimes just rambling and personal. ( Though Harry Dean Stanton is kind of a kick, seems half-drunk, and appears to have a knot on his head so it might be a concussion.) Is the film a testimonial? Sure, but it's got lots of clips, including a ton from Carson, very retro but also a healthy, and pretty damn funny, dose of stuff from pretty recent concerts. So maybe it's a retrospective of the career but at many a point someone stops to try and make sense of Rickles' work, and stumbles over the varied but all cliched answers. He's an asshole on stage but an essential sweetness shines through. He's an all-inclusive, everybody's-in-it-together asshole, so you can't really get mad. He's totally committed, and that's what sells it. He's absolutely crazy, and so on.I was okay with the fuzziness: the film made me laugh, often, and I enjoyed unnostalgically, just plain enjoyed the schlocky aggression of his shtick. But it is a fascinating question: what makes Rickles tick? It's tempting to say that it's wrong, despite the continuity of content/style in his act, to say that his stand-up in 1965 is the same as his stand-up now. That there's something perhaps innocent about the obvious canned-stereotyping of his act which allows it to seem playful now. And maybe ( then ) there used to be more of a sense of aggression as the key element. He used to be an asshole, but now he's an asshole. But I'm not sure that's the case it almost seems like aggression is the key. Rickles is deploying racism and sexism, but his central tool is unboxed aggression. Maybe my opening was wrong maybe Rickles' aggression is exactly Jackassian it's inviting. You *want* him to rip into you; you do not feel safe' and yet, paradoxically, because it's so scattershot, you don't feel any real threat. Hm.Regardless, it's funny.


Enjoy the vacation and don't let that lienrnigg feeling of what am I forgetting? get you too down. Sounds like it's been a nice break. Everyone needs a vacation. I can't wait for mine 24 days left .Carina is dying for you to read


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