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December 08, 2011



is that your new house ?


Thats freaking awesome and genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If i'm ever in the area Im def picking up some stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i give it a week until bam screws it up haha


lol the Jackass guys have something new to tear down


Nice to hear, April. Good luck! Maybe I stop by someday :)


Nice style april your handbags very beautiful greetz from Germany/Berlin


I'd like to work there


"...redo old furniture, paint it, cut it up, sew cool textiles, basically make cool stuff and curiosities."

She probably had to do that on a regular basis when Bam still lived under their roof.


Love this!! Any chance you'd ship stuff to MI? Huge fan of Jackass :-D

Patricia Kamimsky

It's beautiful. Makes me homesick. reminds me of so many place back home in Chester Springs, Chester Co. Good Luck. When I come home to visit, I am going to come by.

Harvy Singh

Nice job April and good luck with that :)
Hope this is a Bam-free zone!

Hopefully I'll find myself in PA one day and definitely give that place a visit. My Mum's just like April and would love this stuff!


QUESTION! who's Kelly? Is she Jess's wife?

Tatiana Clarice

I Love you April... kisses from BRAZIL ;)

Account Deleted

Eu amo você abril ... beijos de BRASIL;)

Account Deleted

Nossa que legal, Parabens ^^


Congrats April! It sounds lovely! I hope I can make it there one day...soon hopefully.

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I am beginning to wonder what is wrong with me, but I know i'm not alone! I keep using coupons and gathering supplies {jim, if you are reading for some STRANGE reason, turn off the ipad} not that I have attempted to actually produce a tag or two, but when the feeling strikes, I need to have the supplies. I think I should get into a 12 step program for this illness. Who is coming with me?


Congrats Ape! Follow that Dinosaur.

Ellen Evitts

This store looks amazing, my granddaughter is a big fan of Bam's, I would love to buy one of the bag's made from Bam's jeans will they be available to buy on line? Best of luck with your store.




That's truly awesome!! Would love to have a natural flair like ape!! So will you start shipping to new Zealand anytime soon?? :)


Awesome! Wish I were close to that area, I'd definitely check it out!

Krystina Hegder

Beautiful and such an awesome idea!! Great job!! :)


i already have a comic about it. he ba ba dobin dobin!
that dinosaur's chasing a rainbow!

make a rose hip comic! with afro's! many many days taco me. still serve wine?

im messin you know i grew up sniffin corn.

Tracey Barbato

Way to go April, u r such a strong willed woman, with a great sense of humour. I wish u nuthin bt the BEST!!!


Awesome. What a wonderful start to new beginnings. Much blessings. Happy Holidays & New Year Greetings.

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wow thats nicw

Bloodrayne Monster

Nice to see Ape doing something she loves and making a business out of it, but how long will it be before Bam and the Jackass/CKY crew come by and wreck it, if they haven't already. BTW to all those who don't know, yes Kelly is Jess's wife.

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