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January 13, 2012



they didn't give me pills: http://thechestpains.blogspot.com/search?q=vasectomy


lmao they even show us where the balls n dick where......

Laura Z

Most of us already knew there was no sugar in the baby-batter, but hey, you're still every inch a stallion! (And, so generous of you to share, and in such lurid detail! Even MY balls hurt!)

Account Deleted





IWantToCumInsideOfYouRafaALL4.8ERECTINCHES! @<=3


what?? where is your million dollar nut shot? (correction..nuts shot)


Free Big Brother Magazine is awesome. Now what kind of shit have I just gotten into by letting "Type Pad" allow me to sign in via my twitter account?

Dries B.

What's in a name :)


I think the omission of the video is ok for me anyways. I was lucky enough to see it on Jackassworld.rip and it has forever been seared into my memory. No amount of brain bleach has been able to clean it. :)


Extigy7Its a bmmeur youre not making much, but hopefully that changes soon cuz your games rock.

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HOLY FUCKING SHIT I am throwing up inisde my mouth.OW OW OW Did you punch that stupid bandage motherfucker in his balls?I will never forget having a bandage change by a nurse on my finger. Took once, after that I did it myself.Have I said HOLY FUCK OW? OW!Ugh. We saw some of those little coffee doohickeys in the coffee shop the other day and they freaked me right out, though they were in their boxes.OW FUCK OW OW OW OWFeel better soon.OWW HOLY FUCK OW


I, too, read your blog and don't ever comment. Until now. I just waentd to say that it hurts to look at the pictures and also to tell you thanks. Thank you for posting this because now I will be a lot more careful with boiling water. It's so easy to become complacent with simple, daily tasks. I hope your recovery is speedy and as painless as it possibly can be. Best wishes and good luck. :)


I had 'the procedure' done .twice. First one didn't take. May you have betetr luck than I did. The 2nd one isn't as easy as the first one is because they have to go in and really clean house to make sure it gets done right. Think roto-rooter.


i nominate a new CFeMmy cargoety blog posting that made me squirm the most.i'm actually planning on having "the procedure" done early next year. my wife's due to deliver #3 in March, and we've no intention of a #4 (we were on the fence as to whether or not we wanted 3 we pretty much know we don't want 4).


Hey Man its my job to be supportive of your "situations" so thats why I poke at your hirena mesh, and tease you about being half a man.What kind of a friend would I be if I didnt make the most of your testic-less problems :)


Annie / Isn't it the worst comment ever? It is almsot as if they are implying having all these children is too much .as if we have more bad times than good .sheesh if they only knew how much love we have! Thanks for stopping by Shell! it made me smile to read your sweet comment!


MarthaFingStuart Posted on Question: why was there tub caulk used in an edbile dish? Well, not so edbile after its use, eh? However, I must say, it does look like puke, so not exactly a fail. :)

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Ouch. Sounds like a possible new masochistic fetish.


Posted on Sarah, my Confession was (((((((this))))))) close to being I think Padme is more interesting than Leia but I was told pelpoe don't hate on Padme so much anymore. Maybe I should write another one.


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Angie, Adorable! Now I know what to do with those cheese domes I keep bniuyg at yard sales! And as a Mother's day gift-good idea Kate! Here I go.Sherry


Keep it coming, wrtires, this is good stuff.


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