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April 19, 2012



One of my all time favorite sketches :)

Evan Colwell

Lol that is the best movie ever and I think u should make another


i love jackass , i love high five haha


R.I.P.to Ryan Dunn I was sad to hear he died for two reasons one he was one of my fav and two he died on my birthday which sucked.


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Love the hand! ...... laugh each time its slap on them...... Now i wanna buy it!


That was so funny.


Nice High Five!
I will wait for jackass 4!


is it me or is that thing an exact replica of knoxville's own hand? I mean right down to the veins in the hand and gnawed fingernails :)


Man nothing can compare to the ultimate high-five Jackass has to offer, it last a lifetime. You guys R so hilarious. Never stop. Luv always.


bam fell hard


I had a bowl of soup on Hi-Five day w/o the hi-5 \ //// hah, hah.
( )
( )




You should do another movie and use the publics ideas for stunts like running though a town half naked jumping on random peoples backs (because everything's funnier when your half naked:P )x


Bring bam back to mtv not rob................................


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSqb_rxrMSM Ion


Should definately make a jackass 4 for ryan! Please!


We will never forget you Ryan. Rest in peace Random Hero. <3

Jason Kidd

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what a fool he has developed into. GOOD RIDANCE!!! The drama continues.......

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lmfvo i totally remember this from jackass the movie, you guys are fucking hilarious haha... keep up the good work, just don't go toooo far ;) XD pppfffhahahaha


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