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June 04, 2012


Laura Z

The "Suck-At-A-Glance" rule most probably applies to all hair bands. You know I'm right.

Harvy Singh

I was just thinking the same thing about hair bands, it's gotta be true!

Also, whenever I hear of, or see anything to do with Turbonegro I can't help but instantly hear 'All my friends are dead' and think of The Gauntlet. What a scene.


Will Big Brother be returning anytime soon?

Cherie Lynn

Such a beautifully written love story. *sigh*

casquette new era

Mon frère a suggéré que j'aime ce site. Il avait absolument raison. Ce poste a vraiment fait ma journée. Vous venez cann't imaginer combien de temps avait, transmis cette information! Je vous remercie!

mbt france

J'aime votre article. Il peut m'aider à beaucoup d'informations utiles. Nous sommes impatients de voir davantage de mots en elle. Je pense que vous aimeriez voir.


Kein andere Band hat im leezttn Sommer eine derart energetische, mitreidfend-apokalyptische und nahezu roboterhaft-perfekte Liveshow geboten wie HEALTH – da lohnt ein Blick in unsere zahlreichen Konzertrfcckblicke samt Galerien von ihren Auftritten beima0Intro Intim, im Festsaal Kreuzberg, beima0Berlin Festival unda0Dockville Festival.


over this band? Well, first of all, just listen to the album. Second, they seem very infenluced by Turbonegro, whom I love. Third, I respect that the lyrics are all in Norwegian for the same reasons I


Utme4rkt initiativ!Var ff6rf6vrigt pe5 brf6llop he4romveckan, en annan ge4st de4r var se5ngaren i Florence Valentin. Vi prdaate inte med varandra, men hade jag vetat det he4r Douglas hade man ju haft en liten ice-breaker. Jag har ingen klockren stf6ld men ska gnugga mina gre5 under dagen.

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