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June 06, 2012


Tobias Widéen

Turbonegro is the shit...But what is this ? Where is Hank Von Hell ? I'm sorry, this song was pretty good, but it is not Turbonegro

Baron Von Booty

Turbonegro was around far before hank joined. He's the front man most people remember, but the band had been making records for years before he joined. Now that he's decided to be a scientologist and Norwegian idol judge the band are carrying on with Tony Sylvester who fronted The Dukes Of Nothing and was a longtime friend and fan of the band. His style is different from hanks but the new music and the energy Tony puts into it makes their return amazing. Turbonegro are hot shit and they're back better than ever.
Baron Von Booty
Turbojugend Brooklyn


Hank is dead... Long live the new Turbonegro.


Tobias is right- lots have bands were "around" before their lineup (and therefore sound/success) peaked, but they built their mass following with Hank, and regardless of the band's relationship status with him, his current state, etc. the remaining members should realize that unless they reconcile w/ Hank and he is well enough to perform, they can't claim to be Turbonegro...if nothing else they should have taken the Misfits cue and gotten a replacement vocalist who at least resembled Hank's.


no Hank no turbonegro, but still love the band

Capt'n Action Jackson

all of you hank lovers - i double, nay, TRIPLE dog dare you to sit through the entire doctor midnight & the mercy cult album. can't be done. try it. i'll be hanging out with the turbojugend, listening to turbonegro, glad you're not around whining about your missing scientologist

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Capt'n Action Jackson, thanks for proving my point- Turbonegro is a bell curve w/ out Hank- not as good before, not as good after. I'm honestly not a "hank lover" and I agree dr. midnight stuff isn't good, we are in agreement there- and no offense to drummers/bass players (I'm one myself), and to a certain degree guitarists, but c'mon, we're talking about literally the voice of the band, man! Here's a contemporary example- there is talk about making a Top Gun 2-would that ever fly (ha ha, pun) w/out Tom Cruise? Does Tom Cruise being a scientologist automatically negate his ability to pull off that role?

Potent Pot Pourri

very nice, i love it


hank from hell is awesome! when i think turbonegro, i think of Hank! The band still rocks,. the vocals just sound like shit to me now, so that really sucks :(

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Ed, Obviously I never even met Hank, but he sure seems like a dog I would have loved to know. It certainly looks like he eyeonjd a great and happy life with you and your family, and it's quite apparent that he was deeply loved and I'm sure he'll be just as deeply missed.“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” Roger CarasAnother friend and her family just lost their dog of 8 years to cancer. He was another great Labrador named Bailey, that we saw grow up along side of our ole'man; Cole who will turn 12 at the end of this month, and our pup of 1 1/2 years; Bear (all black labs). It's never easy to lose one, but they truly bring joy to our lives while they're with us.Our family extends our condolences and hope your memories of Hank are always happy ones!-Dave


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Hank. I had the yips really bad. Tried eieyrthvng. Was considered the worst putter in my league. I discovered my problem was not knowing where the hole was when I was looking at the ball during the stroke. So, I changed and now face the hole and putt with just one hand. It's a lot less stressful like tossing coins. I'm now the #2 putter in Florida at 65! See my video. Click my name below or search ONE HANDED PUTTING.


Pam Gavurnik - These are beautiful! You both look so happy toetehgr and I'm thrilled for you both! Cynthia did an awesome job ..can't wait to see whatn she comes up with for your bridal portraits!! Love you both.Mom


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is dirty punk music- which is what you'd expect since the name seems to be isnriped by Turbonegro. They sound quite good, though I'll have to go listen to the free CD I got from them at the


Turbonegro is a band. Negro Modelo is a beer. Abita Turbo Dog is a beer. A beer called Turbonegro doesn't exist otsiude of music videos if that is in fact what you saw.


Zillow's still a baby. As the popularity grows, and more plpoee add their values, I think it will become more and more accurate. I'm also happy to see Yahoo giving the trifecta of home values giving an even better idea of value.


Despite the ridiculous lyrcis, Ass Cobra is a great hardcore punk album, and is one of my favourites. In fact, I love Turbonegro. Their follow up Apocalypse Dudes is one of the best rock albums ever! They're also the best band I've ever seen live. My dream is to see them in their homeland.


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