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November 02, 2012



I do miss a little Rick rage now and then :)

C Atkins

Love these.

suzi smith

It's no wonder that the video only has 47-ish views, as MTV block it outside of the U.S. Luckily I have seen the footage before, so F.U. M.T.V.


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It includes a record of a surprising friendship, between the rumbustious Edwardian artist who lived long into the 20th century, Augustus John, and T E Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia, whose career as an archaeologist and Arabist was shaped by visits to the Ashmolean. They met at the Paris peace conference at the end of the first world war, and became firm if improbable friends. John drew Lawrence in uniform in 1935, when Lawrence had enlisted in the Royal Air Force under the assumed name John Hume Ross. Lawrence loved the drawing so much – "striking, but not John at his best", Whiteley judged sternly – that he announced it would be the frontispiece of his new book. It never happened: within a few weeks Lawrence was dead in a motorbike crash, still argued over as accident or suicide.

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Spending in our markets declined further than our initial expectations with many customers facing pressures on the amount of disposable income they had available for the purchase of discretionary items.

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A Communicator Guide enables deafblind individuals to access their local and wider community for social or leisure activities, shopping, health appointments or assisting with correspondence and telephone calls. They are looking for a team of adaptable and motivated individuals with great communication skills to help make a difference to the lives of deafblind people.

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A new survey of social attitudes by the think tank British Futures apparently claims that there is a big reduction in the number of people who say they believe black and Asian people face discrimination. What kind of question is that to ask? Especially when the country is impatient with racial complaints? Vague opinions cannot be reliable indicators of rising or falling discrimination. Last year a OnePoll survey found one on three Britons admitted . The largest group were over-55s but those in their twenties and thirties were not far behind. Another 2012 study confirmed 87,915 cases of racist incidents in schools. And a nationwide survey found increased racism in Cumbria, Hampshire and other largely white areas, and racism declining in London.

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Things we are not allowed to know

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"Not that it's easy being a Pagan," he sighed, and leant on his staff to peer moodily at the ground. "The problem about Paganism is that because it's all local, and about local places, we don't organise ourselves on a national basis very well." For a moment he sounded like a Liberal Democrat.

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Obama's 2010 National Security Strategy referred to the fact that the U.S. has to think of power as positive-sum, not just zero-sum. In other words, there may be times when it is good for the United States (and the world) if Chinese power increases.

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The story of The Nicht's the Nicht began when Jean Kidd, the founder of the RSNO Junior Chorus, now retired and living in Comrie, Perthshire, set about looking for music to use with a local children's drama group. Finding little to challenge them beyond their comfort zone, she raised funding locally to commission Craig, who is head of music at Langside College in Glasgow, as well as being a composer and pianist, to write a new one-act opera for them.

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THERE is more to being First Minister than glad-handing at the golf course. Iain Gray is in the middle of summing up what he thinks has been wrong about the way some people are treating this election campaign. (The Scotsman)

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James Mortimer, the owner of Victoria’s, a once-legendary hang-out of blonde-quiffed footballers, gangsters and glamour models, said he feared more big names and famous clubs could go under over the next six months.

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Genuine peace talks have to steer towards the creation of a government of national unity in which the insurgents have a place alongside other political forces. There will also have to be a new constitution that devolves most power to the provinces. This would calm the Tajiks and Uzbeks, but also reduce the significance of Kabul, and make it less of a prize to be fought over. If Bonn II can rectify the failings of Bonn I, it will be worth it. But hopes cannot be high.forces in have stopped sending prisoners to some Afghan jails after reports of torture and have asked Kabul to investigate allegations of abuse by members of a US-backed paramilitary police force.

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issued a statement saying that Snowden had requested its legal advisers broker his departure from Hong Kong. "He is bound for a democratic nation via a safe route for the purposes of asylum, and is being escorted by diplomats and legal advisors from WikiLeaks," the radical transparency organisation said. On arrival in Moscow Snowden applied for political asylum in Ecuador.

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Opposition parties, most notably Sinn F??in and the United Left Alliance, are capitalising on the opposition to the charge, although the two blocs have taken different approaches. Sinn F??in TDs who are homeowners will refuse on principle to pay the ?100 tax, but the party has stopped short of calling on the public not to pay either, because it says it would not be in a position to pay everyone's fines and legal bills. The ULA, comprising the Socialist party and People Before Profit TDs, has urged all those liable for the tax to refuse payment before the weekend deadline.

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He added: “He was just a happy boy. Everybody knew Jesse. He was going to go places in life. He did well in school.

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"I’ve been to Darren for Botox on the upper face and I liked the effect that gave. I thought I looked more rested, like I’d been on holiday. But I couldn’t do anything about the jowl area.

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That, says Mr. Jones, means returns for people buying now will be depressed relative to what the long-run potential could be. "If the price I'm paying today is too high, I'm not going to do as well as I expect," he says.

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By any standards, Mick Philpott is a terrible human being. An abuser of women. A moral vacuum capable of using his own children’s lives as bargaining chips.

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Undeterred, thousands of couples attached new ones. French contemporary artist Loris Gréaud had plenty of choice when he made his installation "Tainted Love" from Pont des Arts locks last year. Over the course of a week, he and his assistants culled 330 pounds of locks, filling their backpacks with the biggest and most lovingly engraved examples.

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On May 20, three months into his job, Mr. Snowden falsely claimed to his employer that he needed treatment for epilepsy. The purpose of the cover story was to conceal his trip to Hong Kong, where the operation to steal U.S. secrets would be brought to fruition.

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Dunfermline's Ryan Wallace holds off Jonathan Flynn?

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Eleven weeks later, work starts on Tuesday on Tuesday on a marathon reconnection costing ?1m, via new cable looping from the lake to run beneath part of the five-mile road to the nearest village, Nether Wasdale. "We'll have a party when it's finished," says Georgina Wrathall at the , "but there's been lots of nostalgia since Christmas. Some of our visitors will be disappointed when the generators go."
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Ms Carrington, 22, from Stapleford in Nottingham, banked the staggering total after matching all five numbers and two Lucky Stars in a EuroMillions draw in February this year.
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Ssebaggala said he was also briefly detained by police before being freed.
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David Kenneth, Paisley said:“I was at Glasgow Airport when Balde flew in and it was a photographer who asked him to kiss the Celtic scarf. He’ll be a major asset for Celtic because he can hold the ball up well and has greater aerial ability than Georgios Samaras who gets smaller when he jumps.”


The automakers formed a consortium, Top Tier Gasoline, that certifies retailers as meeting their standard for detergent. Detergents prevent deposits of leftover material from building up in engines and exhaust systems. The deposits, like the crust of minerals left when hard water evaporates, can reduce fuel economy and performance.

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Animal photos have even spawned their own political theory, thanks in part to digital thinker and MIT Center for Civic Media director Ethan Zuckerman. Zuckermans argument sometimes dubbed the is that the tools and techniques developed for sharing adorable images are also extremely effective vehicles for disseminating revolutionary political content.Its hard to stump a cuttlefish.
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Tobii's technology is already used to help disabled people control computers, but its packages currently retail for around $6,000 (?3,910).
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"Yall are here, she told the survivors of a week of jury winnowing. "It has been a pleasure these last several days. I know I have a warped sense of what pleasure is, but you have been patient, candid, honest and willing to serve your nation.
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The club is in the process of discussing a new agreement with long-term kit supplier Nike to replace a deal worth upwards of 25 million pounds ($38 million) per season.
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