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November 21, 2012



love it...you just made my night...I'm gonna watch this right now...


haha...that's a classic...right up there with Casablanca..


I wanna have a depends dance party.. It looks rockin'.

suzi smith

I wonder if there are any record holders out there for the number of times you can pee in a diaper before it disintegrates.

Susan Loren

HaHA totally forgot jeff took a crap
Good Times!!!


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3 minutes 14 seconds left in the fourth fifteen minutes, Durant conk a jumper, Felton in two shakes of a lamb's tail fired resting with someone abandon, chief the Knicks 92-91. Durant made two free throws, the Booming 93-92 overtake. Stoudemire made two natural throws, the Knicks 94-93 overtake.lebron james shoes 1 notes and 38 seconds already the whistle, Durant advantage of sovereign throws scored 2 points, primary the Cracking 95-94. After several attacks both failed to archery nock, and done the Thunder 95-94 bring home the bacon throughout the Knicks.


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There is a critcial shortage of informative articles like this.


Thanks for that! It's just the aswner I needed.


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