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November 26, 2012


suzi smith

He did a great job with the camera work.Those Komodo dragons are scary as feck!


Surprised there was no mention of him standing his ground against that crazy ass cheater that cut him up and nearly ripped his balls in half!
And I can't help but replay that scene when Mark gets electrocuted by the eel to hear his reaction lol
Been too long since I watched wildboyz... I guess college work can wait for now, I gotta watch it

Laura Z

Ha ha, just watched Mark drink everyone under the table at the Dayak longhouse (WBs mini-marathon airing as we speak). Man-style!

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I'm pretty sure I aarledy know what you're going to say to this bike lanes run all the way to intersections as separate marked lanes though. There is at least some encouragement to approach the intersection on the right of cars, no?


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