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May 30, 2013


michael obrien

Im sorta at the vurdge of a over imaginated mind i and after aii friend , were are those these days its all your girl my girl shit be better and that people see something new thats not on tv dvd and dont take me seriouse and im not a confident person i need to be told that its good i have a girlfriend problem wen all they want me to do is get wasted and fuck my self up an pay for them too also drive and i wont drink drive im at my best wen im drunk druged and not drink spiked yeah fun tho confuising then unable eat all week iwitjust tryin to savive im a proffesional the dumbest proffessional so many ideas nothing to show ive been bottling up for 4more years , im a loner with only the same people to turn to to see and cordinate a me as the dumbest proffessional jackass downunder it would be good great need to meet some one willing to help fund it tand a ngood network or magazine or prodution company i need me a dunlap sorta cinder thing yeah yeah crazyy real little mick mickO . . .liking life right now and looking forward in prodution i need a root sex yeah a pritty girl with big lips

That Guy™ (The Original Anal Whore ®)

Thanks for giving us some of the bowel movements of times past, Sean! One question, was the "Censorship Is Weak As Fuck" show held on Nash or Hawthorne?


they were going to pitch those photos? why those dirty whores! I like that second drawing..reminds me of Chris Rock ala Nat X Host of the Dark Side :)

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4. Baby Mouse Wine In China, and some parts of Korea, they have wine that is infused with baby mice! This is prepared by placing about two to three day old mice into a bottle of rice wine and leaving it there to stew for at least a year. Some people use this as an alternative medicine.


Read funny articles and books even the comics in the newspaper. You might get a few stares but laugh out loud at a joke you overheard or was told. You might even turn into a clown. Be reasonable but take every opportunity to lighten up and be silly. Like I said be reasonable, whether you are with your family, alone or co-workers, let go.


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