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June 11, 2013


Captain Code

bottom left is clearly the best drawn vag

Laura Z

If you ask me, Knoxville wimped out. I'm more than a little disappointed. But he makes up for it with his deft interpretation of Amanda's offering. Where I live, there is an establishment called the Georgia Diner, and its logo, lit up on a revolving post for all of Queens to see, is a halved peach. Looking at Amanda's picture you will understand why it is known to all the locals as "The Vagina Dinah" (just don't order the fish taco).

Laura Z

(Not to kiss up or anything, but you definitely take this one, Cliver. Not that I've seen many from that angle, of course.)


1st one looks like someone jizzed on it..


bottom left. . .

suzi smith

Just because Amanda has a vagina, doesn't mean she spends all of her time looking at it ( or maybe she does, who knows?but judging the drawing by it , I don't think she does).Anyways I have seen a considerable ammount of vaginas in my time (due to my work, I'm NOT a vagitarian) and Clivers is the most realistic and detailed, saying that I have seen some like Knoxville and Dimitry's drawings but I'm getting counselling for that.


Bottom right, the one with the ass hole is the best


Bottom left

Aron Krafczyk

Bottom RIGHT ^^

My Email SmellySmegma@gmx.de


Dear dickhouse, please make this an annual event! But maybe alternate between body parts from year to year. So 2013 is the year of the vagina, 2014 the dick, etc etc. I'll leave the specifics to you guys but surely I'm onto something here?
I can see this kickstarting a great tradition where dickhouse staff and fans from all over the world can celebrate by posting their illustrations right here.


I've never learned yoga, or any form of work out for that matter, that would make me able to see my own but even I could do better than plain bush, and i draw anime, now mind I'm no expert by any means but still, even so however i have to say you guys are absolutely adorable and I STILL to this day, and always will, LOVE your guys' show. :) Forever your fan, Myranda

Laura Lewin

This is fascinating! I just wrote a book called Vagina Revolution: A Candid and Informative Conversation About Vaginas and I have a google alert set for stories about vaginas--which is how I found you--not that I need to explain myself ;-) Anyway I find this fascinating because when women think about vaginas they often think of the external mons--the part with the hair--when I would have thought that they would think of the whole she-bang...including what I call "Hole 1"--the actual introitus or opening to the vagina. I call the urethra "Hole 2" and I see that you definitely pay attention to details--you also have "Hole 3" --the anus and the perineum. The fact that you even know about a perineum really impresses me! If I could only figure out how to post a picture I would post the one labeled from the book but unfortunately I am technologically challenged. But thank you very much for the story/drawings.


Amanda- pretty on par with how most women would draw it...(avocado looking or not).

Cliver- pretty realistic looking (and I'm so proud of you for putting in the often overlooked 3'rd hole up top).

Dimitry- those pubes are strikingly realistic (almost 3D like).

Knoxville-A box of razors and tub of bikini wax are being shipped to you pronto!

chelsea browne

haha this is hilarious! I can't believe how detailed the bottom right one is, I probably couldn't even draw a vagina that detailed.

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