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October 23, 2013



I haven't been this excited since 2010! I wish Friday was already here.

Laura Z

Hide your sheep!


Image the excitement of having something in your hands you will always cherish with the agony of losing it and not even remembering you had it in the first place. There is a secret to be kept that a few have ever known existed. A secret that is deep inside the mind of a man hidden away within the earth, just longing to be found. As the collective strive for the knowledge of a society that is doomed, but protected by all cost just wanting to remain at peace. As heroes, vow to emerge from their dream like state there in. Each Farium sworn to protect their way of life as they protect a land that has been lost for centuries. While conjoined with good humans of the upper world. Their way of life becomes sinister and as time works against them, the days go on. Just needing one man to come to terms with his reality! Is it all just a dream? http://www.bradleewbenton.com/



Jan Brandhout

Looking forward to a dvd

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