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February 12, 2014



Is it, is it the picture of Pontius behind him? I am guessing it is not. I can't think "Chinese Traffic Jam", "Bran Muffin"... pfff, I'm lost. I thought I was a fan :(

dick head

breaking bottles out back at wah wahs innit

Megan Duderstadt



Dan Ape your still #1 :p I'm guessing the Naked Pontius photo as well...hopefully Dickhouse will kill the suspense and spill the beans


For old time sake, must be naked Pontius. He doesn't like to stay dressed does he?

Becky Kearton-Jones

"Old chickens make good soup" or
I think at the funeral I think Billy's mum says " he shoved something up his ass and now he's a public embarrassment" ?? Maybe when Dunn put a toy car up his arse or
The naked picture of pontius? :)

Laura Z

I was gonna go with Post-It notes on the War Hammer too, but probably that's too obvious...

Becky Kearton-Jones

oh its just in that clip? haha just watched the movie again to find it and didn't even need to, oops XD "Master BETA" ahhaha. must be the pontius poster?


Breaking bottles behind the Wawa was a line from Haggard: the Movie.

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