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February 19, 2014



We'll I don't know what to say! I just want Johnny.

Richard Herring

That's halarious lmfao


oh what i'd give to be a peeping neighbor next to Pontius :) p.s. what may i ask is dangling from Knoxville's behind?


We have to let old styles go and start with the new so guys well done for making that history


My names Malik and I'm from Cincinnati Ohio and I'm a big fan of jackass I have couple friends that do some crazy shit too maybe even crazier and we get hurt in the process but we get a good laugh out of it all I'm asking from you guys to at least acknolage my videos and you can by going on my Instagram at malikgarrett. Or wait in about a week and they will be posted on youtube under dem Boiz in which we call ourselves .you Guys are halarius and I'm a big fan and I hope you guys like our vids and contact us

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